How To Get Free Pizza At Round Table Pizza In 2023

Want to feel like royalty? You know you do, and we’ll tell you why: royalty gets free pizza. If you don’t believe us, just check out these 4 ways you can get free cheesy, tantalizing pizza from Round Table Pizza Royalty in 2023.

1. Join The RTP Royal Rewards Program And Redeem Points For Free Pizza

Round Table Free Pizza

If you love deals and Round Table Pizza is your favorite frequent pizza joint, you really have no excuse for not joining their Royal Rewards Program. For every dollar you spend for your meal at RTP, you’ll get one point. Those points add up quickly, trust us. And when they do, you can redeem them for free pizzas. It’s as easy as downloading an app on your phone and registering your information – all for free. Talk about the royal treatment!

2. Join The RTP Royal Rewards Program And Get A Free Personal Pizza On Your Birthday

There’s another benefit to joining the Round Table Pizza Royal Rewards Program at Round Table Pizza: as a member, you get a free personal pizza on your birthday! All you have to do is buy the drink, and the rest is on the house. Who said growing old is a bad thing? All it means is more free pizza!

3. Find the Best Round Table Pizza Coupons and Deals on Coupons.Pizza

How about getting a $8 off any Speciality Pizza or $5 Off On Any Large Or XL Pizza? Then head out to the Round Table Pizza’s Coupon Page and get the latest discounts. The page is updated daily to provide you with the best Round Table Pizza deals and help you save money!

4. Follow Your Local Round Table Pizza’s Facebook Page For Free Pizza

Different Round Table Pizza locations offer their own special deals which you can easily get in on, if you simply follow their Facebook pages. One RTP location in Hollister offered free pizzas to veterans on Veteran’s Day. Another one in Dallas/Ft. Worth is offering a free Personal Street Taco Pizza with the purchase of a large or extra-large Speciality Pizza all throughout the month of April. You never know what awesome discounts you’ll find, so head on over to Facebook right now and follow your nearest Round Table Pizza’s profile.

5. Get 6 Free Garlic Parmesan Twists To Go With Your Free Pizza

Alright, so you made good on some free pizza deals at Round Table Pizza. But why stop there? By simply sending a text message, you can get a coupon for 6 free garlic parmesan twists! Because every meal could use an appetizer, and besides: if you can get it free, get it while you can! Just text RTP874 to 86677, and you’ll receive a link to a discount you can use the next time you visit your local Round Table Pizza location.

We love pizza as much as you do, and we also believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get it. That’s why we created this blog post, to show you 4 ways you can get free pizza at Round Table Pizza. We have several other free pizza blog posts, so if there’s another local pizza joint you can’t get enough of, check to see if we have an article about getting free pizza from it. If we don’t yet, keep coming back because we’ll probably have one soon!