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Pizza Hut Founded in the year 1958, Pizza Hut features among the top chain of restaurants and a franchise which has managed to capture the hearts of many people across the world. The cuisine that the company serves is that of Italian American featuring delicious pastas, mouthwatering pizzas, chocolaty desserts and many other side dishes. The restaurant chain has branches in almost every part of the world. As of the year 2018, the restaurant had nearly 17000 branches worldwide. This restaurant... view more

Papa Johns Coupons

Papa Johns Currently ranked as the fourth largest chain of pizza restaurants in United States, the Papa John’s started with humble beginnings, at the back of a broom closet. The founder John Schnatter on whom the restaurant is named after started this in the year 1984 by selling his Camaro to buy the necessary equipment for making pizzas. The company has grown exponentially with presence in every major country across the world and has been among the top restaurant chains well known for... view more

Dominos Coupons

Dominos The year 2018 saw the pizza seller rising to the top as the largest seller of pizzas across the world, in terms of the sales figures. Domino’s, an American corporation, founded in the year 1960 is a restaurant chain that serves pizzas and other food items across the world.  They are quite famous for their inventive and innovative streak which has provided the world with some of the marvelous pizzas in the industry. They understand the local palate and work with the local... view more

Papa Murphy's Coupons

Papa Murphy’s Merger of the Murphy’s Pizza and Papa Aldo’s Pizza in the year 1995 was the beginning of the Papa Murphy’s which is in the top five largest chain restaurants offering Pizza in United States. With more than 1000 outlets in both Canada and United States, the company has won many awards over the years for the best pizza chain in the country. The company offers a wide variety of pizzas and other sides that caters to the people in every location. Let us take a... view more

Donatos Coupons

Donatos Started in 1963, Donatos is a  family owned pizzeria which has nearly 150 outlets across 9 different states of US.  The restaurant has been serving delicious and crunchy pizzas which is well known in the pizza world. Let us take a look at the menu at Donatos. Pizzas: The options are endless whether you are a veggie lover or you are looking to go all meaty at the pizza. The pizzas include Margherita where Roma tomatoes are used in place of red sauce, Chicken Spinach... view more

Jet's Pizza Coupons

Jets pizza From providing vine-ripened tomatoes, freshest dough and the best herbs and spices, Jet’s pizza has made a mark in the minds of consumers who crave pizza. One of the leading pizza chains in United States, this company came into existence in the year 1978 when Eugene Jetts bought a place with the money for his home to start a pizzeria. The franchise has since then grown exponentially with more than 400 stores to its credit in nearly 20 states of the country. Whether it is hand... view more

Round Table Pizza Coupons

Round table pizza Round Table pizza started on its journey since the year 1959 and has more than 450 restaurants to its credit now across the country of United States. They have a sumptuous and yet simplistic menu that caters to everyone’s taste and palate. Premium specialty pizzas: These are a combination of wonderful meats with some of the most approved legendary toppings over your favorite pizza. There is king Arthur’s supreme, with pepperoni, salami, linguica, Italian sausage,... view more

Little Caesars Coupons

Little Caesars Considered as the third largest chain of pizza restaurants in the United States, Little Caesars have been presenting some really yummy and delicious pizzas and other baked goods. The company which started out in the year 1959 in the suburb of Detroit has grown in leaps and bounds making history with its pizzas and community service. The fact that it has grown from a single store to a largest chain of pizza restaurants across the country speaks volumes about their products. Their... view more

Peter Piper Pizza Coupons

Peter Piper Pizza The Arizona based pizza restaurant chain Peter Piper Pizza has its presence in nearly 150 locations across United States and Canada and has been offering pizzas and other delicious treats to consumers since 1973. Their menu options are exemplary and quite a gourmet to shop at. Let us take a look at what they have on offer for you. Before you can see the menu you will need to choose the location from which you are ordering as that might have a slight change to the menu options.... view more

Hungry Howie's Coupons

Hungry howie’s With presence in more than 550 locations, Hungry Howie’s features among the top 15 pizza restaurant chains in the United States. It was in the year 1973, when the first of the Hungry Howie’s was opened by the founder James Hearn, in Michigan. Spread across 21 states, this pizzeria does not just serve pizza but has a menu that offers more. Flavored crust was among the many new concepts used by Hungry Howie’s in promoting their pizza. The chain also runs a... view more

Mountain Mike's Coupons

Mountain Mike’s The year was 1978 when the first of the Mountain Mike’s pizzeria came into existence in California. The pizzeria was a single restaurant offering family dining place with casual ambience and amazing food and has now grown into one of the leading pizza chains in the country with more than 180 outlets to its credit. If you are looking for a family time with pizzas and some of the deliciously baked goods, then Mountain Mike’s is your best choice. They offer you... view more

Mazzio's Coupons

Mazzio’s Ken Selby, a school teacher is the mastermind who turned a simple pizza parlor into a growing chain of pizza restaurants, the Mazzio’s. As the company grew, so did his vision that resulted in the birth of Mazzio’s in late 70’s. Mazzio’s is famous not just for pizzas but is well known to be offering multiple other items like sandwiches, pastas, and other local specialties in their menu. Let us take a look at what you can order at Mazzio’s. Pizzas:... view more

Pizza Ranch Coupons

Pizza Ranch Pizza Ranch attributes its success and growth from a very humble beginning. The founder Adrie Groeneweg started the pizzeria as a small time business offering only single topping, six specialty pizzas and the same has now grown to over 200 outlets across the country. With a sumptuous and filling menu of pizzas and sides, the Pizza Ranch has been among the most favorite of the pizzerias in the country. The menu has the following items which you can order from. Pizzas: The Philly... view more

Mellow Mushroom Coupons

Mellow mushroom A franchise of Home Grown Industries, the Mellow Mushroom pizza bakers came into existence in the year 1974. It started out as a single pizzeria in the state of Georgia, where the current headquarters is placed and has now spread over 150 outlets across the country. They have a pretty extensive menu that includes more than just pizzas. Munchies: As the name suggests, this is just something you can munch upon while you take your time ordering your pizza. There are multiple... view more

Marco's Pizza Coupons

Marco’s pizza Marco’s pizza though started by an Italian immigrant is currently being owned by Jack Butorac who started out as a consultant to the company. The restaurant chain specializes in multiple items which focus on Italian and American cuisines. Let us take a look at the different menu options you can get at the Marco’s pizza. Pizzas: The pizzas at Marco’s definitely are worth mentioning for they have gained several consumers for its taste and authenticity to the... view more

Pizza Inn Coupons

Pizza Inn It was in the year 1958 when the first of the Pizza Inn stores were opened in Dallas by two brothers of Texas. With 60 years to their credit, the company has grown far and wide catering to many more with years, adding on more locations and outlets, serving the freshest and most innovative pizzas. Wondering on what the store has to offer you in terms of pizza and in general food? Read on to know more. Pizza: There are many different varieties of pizzas that are available under this... view more

Godfather's Pizza Coupons

Godfather’s pizza With more than 550 locations spread across 36 different states of US, the Godfather’s pizza is definitely among the topmost pizzeria in the country. The pizza parlor came into existence by chance, when Willy Theisen started cooking for his friends and started selling it to neighbors, as per the back story on the company website. It was the year 1973 when the first of the shop opened and it has been going strong despite several ups and downs in between. The menu is... view more

Pieology Coupons

Pieology Living by the motto to deliver pies that matches with the expectations of the customers, the Pieology is among the top pizza chains in United States. The company believes in offering food that refreshes both body and mind and it reflects greatly in the menu options they bring to you. There is whole gamut of menu options to choose from, ranging between pizzas to salads and desserts. Let us take a peek at what Pieology has on offer for its consumers. Signature pizzas: As you can very... view more

Pizza King Coupons

Pizza king If you want a pizza that is good unto the edges then you should definitely look out for the options at the Pizza King. The restaurant has a great menu with plenty of options and categories that you might be puzzled on the ones you want to order. Without any further ado, let us take a look at what is on offer here. Pizzas: There are five different sizes available to you with each of them catering to different amount of people. There is a simple cheese pizza for those who want nothing... view more

Pizza Factory Coupons

Pizza Factory If you will ask a person of this generation, whether he or she loves pizza or not, then the answer of most of the people would be a yes and why not, it is one of the best things to serve your appetite. One of the most interesting things that happen with a person who loves a particular type of food is that he knows about the company that serves it best. So, this is very obvious that all the pizza lovers out there must know about Pizza factory that is the longest chain of Pizza... view more

Toppers Pizza Coupons

Toppers Pizza Toppers Pizza is one of the leading chains of famous pizzerias of the United States. It started its journey from the year 1991. This place is famous for providing high quality and fresh ingredients food. The meat used in the foods is lean and fresh and the cheese is grated daily. All the vegetables are fresh and sliced every day with sauces which are made in different locations and the soft dough is the heart of the pizza. Everything about this place is mouthwatering and... view more

Pizza Guys Coupons

Pizza guys Pizza guys began in 1986 by co-founders Shahpour Nejad and Reza Kalantari who combined the knowledge of business as well as great pizza to create something unique. They together founded the very first Pizza Guys Location in California. Over 30 years they have dedicated themselves to customer satisfaction and providing quality food. Their customer service is exemplified by great deals and friendly employee. As for their pizza making process, it begins from scratch with high quality... view more

Beggars Pizza Coupons

Beggars Pizza  Globalization and intermingling of different cultures from around the world have given us several new food items that we cannot leave without. Americans tend to love their Pizza be it in the typical New York Style or the more interesting Chicago deep dish pizza. There are some trusted brands in the Pizza industry that people do swear by. If you are in Chicago, Illinois and want to taste good pizza, then you do need to visit Beggars Pizza. The first restaurant from them... view more

Rocky Rococo Coupons

Rocky Rococo Each and every one in this world loves food in some way or others and this is the reason why we all have a list of our favourite food. Now, if you will ask about anyone’s favourite food, he or she will know everything about it and if not much, then definitely about the brand or the company that serves that dish the best. In case of pizza lovers, one brand that is always there on their mouth tip is Rocky Rococo. As we all know, this the longest chain of restaurant in North... view more

How about saving money on your favorite food pizza with pizza coupon?

Pizza finds its roots in Italy, but it is currently an internationally recognized and loved dish. From commercially produced pizzas available at major outlets to artisan pizza, pizzas are a beloved dish to experiment upon which has brought out loads of varieties of toppings, bases, and crusts. But this savory dish is basically made up of around and a falt base of dough, which is then topped with tomato sauce, cheese and other ingredients like meat, olives and more. This is then put in a wood-fired oven to be baked at high temperatures. Pizza is available in a variety of price ranges as well, which means you can either eat the pizza wedges in a casual setting using your hands or you may have to use your knife to dig in when in a high-end luxury dining setting.

Types of pizza

Pizza can be made up of any variety of toppings put together, but these are some of the most common and most loved which are available and appreciated

Neapolitan pizza

Authentic pizza Napoletana or Neapolitan pizza is made up with tomatoes, native to San Marzano that grow on the plain of Volcano located on the south of the Mount Vesuvius combined with mozzarella made from the mild of water buffaloes raised in the marshlands of Lazio and Campania. That mozzarella is called mozzarella di bufala campana.

Pizza Capricciosa and Pizza Pugliese

This pizza is peppered with Mozzarella cheese, mushroom, baked ham, artichoke, tomato, and other ingredients. The Pizza Pugliese is a seemingly simple pizza, which is made with just mozzarella, tomatoes and onions, but it is just delicious to taste.

Sicilian Pizza

A very popular variety of pizza found in Italy is the Sicilian pizza. It is a deep dish or thick crust pizza, which finds its origins in 17th century Sicily. Variations of this type are found all over Italy like in Turin.

United States

This country responsible for making pizza a commercialized commodity due to the influx of Italian migrants, the pizza here has the common toppings of mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, ground beef, olives, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, garlic, chicken, bacon, ham and such. But there are very distinctive regional types as well like pizza from Chicago, California, New York, Greek and such.

Grilled pizza

Grilled pizza is made by taking a round and a thin sheet of yeast pizza dough that is directly placed over the grilled fire. It is then turned over after the bottom gets fully baked and a thin layer of toppings is also placed on the baked side. Toppings are generally sliced thin so as to ensure that they are cooked through but chunkier toppings are also precooked to ensure that they heat through. It is found in Italy and Argentina, where it is known as pizza a la parrilla.

What are pizza coupons?

Pizzerias are the most effective in the restaurant industry when it comes to to deals and coupons. Pizza coupons have continued to be popular with the customers. Pizza coupons are basically a marketing tactic where pizzas are given out at discounted prices than the rate being specified in the charts. They have been proven to increase foot traffic to a pizzeria.

Why are pizza coupons given out?

Here is how having pizza coupons help:

  • Surely, most of us love pizza and would love to go out and have some of that delicious goodness with the cheese bursting out from the pizza, but sometimes a pizza is charged at so high a rate that it becomes impossible to enjoy one within a budget. Here is where a pizza coupon comes in.
  • On the other hand, newly opened restaurants themselves want to secure a customer base for and so they give out pizzas at discount prices to ensure that there is a regular stream of customers, old and new who want to check out their pizza.

How are pizza coupons given out?

There are a lot of ways pizza coupons are given out, like:

  • An ad is placed in a popular local newspaper or magazine so that potential customers know about the deal.
  • It might be advertised on televisions so that it reaches a wider consumer base. This is especially done by commercial pizza manufacturers.
  • There might be a direct mail campaign, which gives out the pizza coupons to customers who have once visited the pizza venue or signed up with them to get regular updates regarding any promotional items.
  • Sometimes, promotional drives are also conducted all over particular neighborhoods where an outlet is located so that pizza coupons or promotional deals reach as many households there as possible.
  • Pizza coupons are also available on the website of the pizza business.

Tips for getting and using a pizza coupon

Here is how you can choose the best coupons from a reliable website:

  • Always try to get coupon information from the website of the pizza business itself. This ensures that you are always interacting with an authentic site and get a genuine coupon.
  • When interacting with other websites which list a variety of pizza coupons, you might notice that they have a counter which states how many people have got that coupon till then. Know that a higher number of people means a greater chance of that coupon being genuine.
  • If you are unsure about a coupon's authenticity, you can always call up the pizza outlet which you want to visit and confirm if there is a discount as such or not.
  • Before purchasing the pizza make sure to tell them about your pizza coupon because apart from confirming its validity, this will also let you know if there are any additional criteria to the pizza like it being a delivery only coupon or for those customers who prefer to eat at the outlet.
  • Don't get stuck with just one store or pizza business, always make sure to look for coupons from a variety of pizza businesses. You will get a lot of variety in that way and also get to know which one is offering better discounts and deal so that you can choose accordingly.
  • Make sure to tell your friends and relatives about the coupons and tell them to save them up or you. Many discounts are also given for large groups so it's a win-win situation for all.

How do you use pizza Coupons?

Here is how you can utilize your coupon code while buying your pizza:

  • If you are buying at the outlet, then just give it to the people who are manning the desk, they will sort it out.
  • If you are ordering online, then there is an option for entering the coupon code while paying for the pizza. So you just have to enter the valid promotional code to avail its benefits.

Pizza coupons are incredibly useful when you are craving a pizza, but don't really have the budget to have one, it is also useful if you have a large group to feed. These promotional items are one of the most amazing things which lets one enjoy delicious food and that too at a lower cost.

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