How to Get Free Pizza At Mellow Mushroom In 2023

The only thing better than cheesy, ooey-gooey, topping filled pizza is free cheesy, ooey-gooey, topping filled pizza. In this article, we’ll show you 4 ways to get free pizza (or maybe more than one, and maybe even a free appetizer, too) at Mellow Mushroom, one of the most laid back, delicious pizza restaurants in the United States.

1. Answer Their Free Pie Friday Question On Facebook

Free Pizza at Mellow Mushroom Free Pie Friday
Credit: MellowRoundRock Twitter

Social media is often the best place to find deals and discounts for restaurants. It’s almost like a secret club because not everybody thinks to look for an opportunity to get free pizza on, say, Facebook.

Let us teach you the secret handshake to getting free pizzas from Mellow Mushroom on Facebook. Simply go to the Facebook page of your local Mellow Marshmallow and answer their Free Pie Friday question in the comment section. Don’t worry, they’re not hard questions (unless you think questions like “What was your favorite book as a kid?” are hard). After a few days, a winner is picked at random and that winner receives a free large pizza! It’s a one in a few hundred or thousand chances, but hey, it doesn’t cost you anything to throw your name in the hat. And it might just be your lucky day!

2. Join A Mellow Mushroom Facebook Messenger VIP Club

Another way to get free pizza from Mellow Mushroom through Facebook is to see if your local restaurant has a Facebook Messenger VIP Club. Mellow Mushroom in Sarasota, FL has one, and they use it to offer their members exclusive deals. One such deal is if you buy one small pizza, you’ll get a second one for free! This is a great discount, especially for groups of people or families.

3. Sign Up For The Mellow Mushroom Eclub And Get Free Pizza

Mellow Mushroom Eclub for Free Pizza
Credit: mellowbg Twitter

If you’re a big pizza fan like we are, you need to sign up for Mellow Mushroom’s Eclub. Through your membership, you’ll have access to amazing offers like… free pizza! As well as a bunch of other sweet deals that you have to see to believe. Sign up today!

4. Join The Mellow Mushroom Eclub And Get Free Pretzel Bites To Go With Your Free Pizza

Even when pizza is the main course of your meal, everyone can stand munching on a little pre-dinner appetizer. And while you’re out getting your free pizza, what the heck: get the appetizer for free, too! If you join Mellow Mushroom’s Eclub, you’ll instantly get a coupon for free salty, chewy, delicious pretzel bites.

5. Get a Special Deal at Coupons.Pizza

We do the work for you to keep up with all the latest freebies and offers like a Large Cheese Pizza for $10 and $5 off your order. You’ll get the latest deals and coupons here on our Mellow Mushroom’s Coupons page, so check back when it’s pizza time. 

When you’re on a budget and desperate for some good pizza deals, make it easier on yourself and just come on back to Slice the Price by Coupons.Pizza! We’ll show you how to snag the best discounts – and free pizza! – from your favorite local pizza haunts, like Mellow Mushroom. Keep checking back, as we’re always adding new locations and new deals.