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The Kit includes two Take & Bake Pizzas, one Celebration Butter Cake with Vanilla Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream. This Limited time Offer is available only in Participating Locations.


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California Pizza Kitchen      

Food is the ultimate priority of all the living beings and this is that one area where we cannot compromise. Every individual has his or her own kind of food habits and likes and thus they have a particular place where they visit to solve their hunger issues. In this case most of the times, either we need to compromise with the place or with the food, but what if the two different people get their kind of food at one place only. California Pizza Kitchen is one such restaurant that deals in a number of food items. The menu of this restaurant has something for everyone. If you are a junk lover, you have pizzas, pasta, rolls and what not. If you do not like junk, then also, you won't get disappointed as they have some really cool salad and power packed bowl options. Let us discuss these categories in details.

  • The first category in the menu of this restaurant is Main Plate. In this category, there are food items that could be placed in the category of the main This has fire grilled Ribeye, cedar plank salmon, chicken piccata and other items.
  • Just below the main plate, you get the options of different kinds of pasta. In this category, you can choose from chicken tequila fettuccine, garlic cream fettuccine, kungpao spaghetti,and other options.
  • After this, you come to the category of Pizzas. Before we explore the options, it is very important to note that these pizzas are California style pizzas. You can choose from Original BBQ special pizza, Thai chicken pizza, wild mushroom pizza, California club pizza,and many others. In these pizzas, you get the options of choosing the crust of your choice. You can either go with the normal crust or can choose a thin crust for yourself. The ingredients that are used in the making of every pizza are written right below the name of it. so, you can choose the pizza accordingly.

So, these were the main food items that this restaurant deals in. apart from these things, if you look closely to the menu, then you will come to know that there are various salad options. Along with the salads, power-packed bowls are a healthy food option in the menu. To get variousoffer from time to time, you can visit the official website of the company.

Student discount at California Pizza Kitchen

Among all the customers who visit a store or restaurant, the one with the lowest budget are the students. They get limited pocket money for their expenses, but they too get hungry. Despite the low pocket money, they too sometimes want to eat good food in good restaurants and in this case, the student's discount that is provided by various brands act as a savior for them. Itis because of these discounts that the students are able to enjoy with their limited pocket money. If we talk about California Pizza Kitchen precisely, then there are various discounts that this restaurant provides its student customers.Like any other discount,this also keeps changing depending on different occasions and events. However, there is this one service that remains constant. After every meal that you finish here, they give you a feedback dairy and in that, you will have to mention your feedback about the restaurant and its food. In that diary only you have to write about your birthday and all. So, on your birthday you get a call or a text message from them to avail a special discount. This discount is for the students of each and every age.

First order discount at California Pizza Kitchen

Customers are considered as God and to treat them well is the duty of every store. Be it any shop or a restaurant, you get a specialtreat when you go to them for the first time. Same is the case with California Pizza Kitchen. There are many discounts that you could avail if you are placing your order for the first time. It is not necessary to come to their restaurant to get the benefits of these discounts; you could place your order online also. However, there are different offers online and take away orders. You have to tell the restaurant owner, in order to get the benefit of your offer. On the contrary, you cannot misuse this offer as they have all the details of the customers who have purchased something or another with them. However, if you want to get the benefit of this offer again and again, then you should bring someone who has to do any purchase from this restaurant before. This person could be your friend or your family member.

Military offer at California Pizza Kitchen

If we talk about the most responsible citizens of a country, then military men top the list. Willingly or unwillingly, they are always there to protect us from our enemies. Therefore, it is the duty of each and every other individual of the country to give them some extra and special treatment. This is probably the reason that California Pizza Kitchen has some special discounts for the people in the military. These discounts, however,keep on changing according to the occasions and events. On the world army day, this restaurant has a special lunch buffet for military men. They could come with their family to enjoy it. For this, they will just have to show their ID card to the restaurant.

Special discount at California Pizza Kitchen

There are numerous special discounts that you can avail at California Pizza Kitchen. This is not anything new as almost every restaurant has its own kind of special discount going on every day. There is no fixed kind of special discount that is there in this restaurant, but if you are visiting their store on a festive day or any event, they would certainly have something or other to give you. For example, a few days before all of us celebrated Valentine's Day. There was a special discount for each couple visiting the store. Apart from these things, there are weekend discounts and sometimes they even have discounts on weekdays too. So, this totally depends on the occasion. If you really want to be updated with the discounts that this restaurant provides to its customers then submit your mobile number to them and they will keep you notified.

How to use California Pizza Kitchen coupon code

Before using the coupon code you will have to ensure that the coupon that you have received is earned through which method. If you got the coupon from your online order then you will be able to apply this code on the online orders only, but if the code is earned by visiting their store, then you will have to visit the restaurant again for availing it. This was about the personalized coupon codes. If you talk about the general coupon code then you just have to go to their website and read the code written and write it on the place that is provided. This could be done at the time of the payment. Sometimes, the coupon code gets copied itself or the option for it comes directly after the concerned column. This makes the work easy.

How California Pizza Kitchen is unique

The first reason to love this brand is that every item that it gives to its customer is very delicious and has a magical taste in it. Apart from this, if you read the menu of this restaurant then you will come to know that it has something for everyone. If you are one of those persons who does not want to gain the extra calories and follow a strict diet, then you can explore the salad section of this menu. They have power packed bowls and one can order them if they want to full their stomach without eating any junk.

Why you should choose California Pizza Kitchen

If you ask the same question to a fan of this restaurant, then he may write a complete essay on it. This restaurant gives its visitors a lot of options to explore and thus a lot of reasons for choosing it. Along with the food and menu, the overall service of this restaurant is very awesome and this is the reason, once you visit this restaurant you will become a fan of it. Adding to this, this is a place where one can even eat healthy food which generally lacks in many other restaurants. All these things combined together make this one of the food joints ever.

California Pizza Kitchen shopping tips

 For every restaurant, there is a particular trick to be followed to get the maximum benefits. If we talk about California Pizza Kitchen in particular then there are few of the tips for this restaurant also that a customer can follow in order to shop nicely.

  • This tip is only for those who love to shop from here. If you love this food joint and want to become a regular customer, submit your phone number to them. This will help you in getting notified about each and every offer they announce.
  • If you want to take the benefit of first order discount then try to visit the restaurant in groups. Try to take with a friend or family member who is new to this restaurant and place the order from his name.
  • After every visit, do not forget to ask for the coupon for the future. These coupons will depend on the amount of money you are spending on your order.

Shipping policy of California Pizza Kitchen

There is not anything fancy about the shipping policy of this brand and it is the same as the shipping policies of other brands. You have to place your order online or through phone if you want it to be shipped at your destination. Always make sure that you are calling to the joint of the restaurant that is in your area. If you are not doing so, it might be possible that they do not deliver to your place. This is one drawback that is with almost every brand out there.

The return policy of California Pizza Kitchen

Basically, there is not any return policy of this brand. It is very obvious, as this brand sells food item. Now, if any issue caused then there are other measures that could be taken, but returning the particular item is not quite possible. The only issue that one could face is getting the wrong order. The order could either be wrong or it could be exchanged from any other customer. In this case, the company can charge the delivery boy and can see that the order of the respective customers gets corrected.

Things you should know about California Pizza Kitchen

Following are the few things that you should know about this brand.

  • California Pizza Kitchen is the name of a restaurant chain deals in California style Pizza. In simpler words, we can say that California style pizza is the specialty of this restaurant. However, it deals in many other food items too.
  • The headquarters of this restaurant is in LA, California.
  • It was started in 1985, 35 years ago by Rick Rosenfield Larry Flax.
  • Over 14000 people work at the different chains of this restaurant.
  • US, Mexico, South America, Asia-Pacific, Western Asia, and Australia are some of the countries, where one can find the joints of this restaurant.
  • There are a lot of food options on the menu of this restaurant and one could choose according to his or her choice and taste. If you are someone who does not like pizza, then you can go for pasta, as they have a lot of options in pasta
  • This restaurant is also for those people who do not want to eat junk and only consume healthy food items. Such people can go for salads or power packed bowls.

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