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Pizza is one such dish that is the favourite of everyone. This is your friend for every celebration. You can rock your party by including just this single food item to your menu, but the pizzas should be from a good brand. If we talk about the brand that can give you the trust and quality both at one point then Zpizza tops the list. This is a restaurant chain in Newport Beach, California and it has been more than 30 years that they are serving pizzas to their customers. The best part about this restaurant is that although being a specialist of pizza they serve for other dishes too. So, even if someone does not like pizza, he or she can come with you to give you a company. Let us see some details about the food options that this brand has to provide to its customers.

  • When you will look at the menu then you will see that there are various categories in which the different food items are divided. The first category is that of the pizzas. It is very obvious as the restaurant is specialized in this food only. You have got a lot of Pizza options to choose from. All the options are different in taste and have different toppings on them. The crust of these pizzas is cauliflower crusts. You can choose from American, antipasto Pizza salad, bacon Spanish mushroom, ham,and pineapple, pepperoni, sausage and mushroom, Z carnivore, Mexican, roasted garlic chicken, ZBQ, arugula pesto pizza, Berkeley vegan, California roasted veggie and Tuscan mushroom. If you will notice the menu carefully, then you will come to know that there are a Z sign and a sign of Flag on the sides of the recopies. If you will go at the end of the menu, then you will come to know that the Z sign means that the recipe is favourite and the flag sign means that the recipe is new.
  • Apart from the pizza options, there are other food options also. After this category when you will move further, you will see that there are options for salads. So, the person who does not like to eat junk and is very health conscious then this section is for him or her. You can choose from Avacardo arugula, Caesar, California Salad, Cobb salad, Greek salad and Pear and Gorgonzola salads. You can know the ingredients of all these salads as they are mentioned below the names.

So, if you look at the menu closely then you will get to know that this brand has a lot of things to offer to their customers. If you are a health conscious person and you are thinking that this place is not for you then you are totally mistaken. This place has a lot of salad options also that can help in solving your hunger issues without affecting your health. With this, it also becomes one of the best places to hang out with your friends. However, you cannot do customizations here; you will have to eat things that they are providing you. Following are some of the details about this brand.

Student discount at Zpizza

Each and every customer is special for stores and restaurants. This is the reason that they always try to give discounts every now and then to them, but in the case of student customers if the discount won't be provided then there are chances that these customers do not come to your place. The reason behind this is that they are not earning. For any money, they are dependent on their guardians. So, it is not possible for them to invest the same amount of money for any food item.

Zpizza understands this problem of the student's very well and therefore, if you will go to their store, they always have some discount for the students. Students just need to bring their ID card to the restaurant and they are sorted. The discount depends on the university you are studying and also on the occasion on which you are visiting the store. If you are visiting for the celebration of your birthday then they will provide you the cake and other related things for free. For getting the notifications about the related discounts, login to their official website.

First order discounts at Zpizza

As mentioned earlier, each and every customer is very important for the growth of any type of business and this is the reason that the customers are always given special attention and are treated well by the owners of these businesses. Amongst all the discounts that are given, most of the customers like the first order discount. The reason behind the love for this discount is that there are times when a customer gets to enjoy a free meal at his or her first order, which is a steal.

If we talk about Zpizza precisely, then there are a lot of discounts that it provides to its customers on their first order. It does not matter, whether you are placing the order online or offline. In both the methods you can get the required discount. One should always keep this thing in the mind that they cannot fool the restaurant by applying this discount again and again as they have all the records of all the customers. To know more about this discount you will have to follow Zpizza at their various social media platforms.

Military discount at Zpizza

If it comes to the protection of countrymen, then our soldiers can even give their lives. They do not think about anything before it and sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country. These are the reasons that they deserve a lot of love and respect.

Zpizza has found the best way to pay tribute to their army men. They have a lot of discount options for them and their families. So, if you too are working in the army and are home now, then you can come to this place and avail the discount of your share.

Special discount at Zpizza

Apart from all the above discounts, there are some of the additional discounts too, which could be availed by anyone. There is no bondage of being the first time customer or being a student customer. These special discounts are general as well as personalized. For the general discounts, you will have to save dates for various occasions. For example, a few days back there was a special couple discount on the eve of Valentine's Day. If you talk about the personalized discounts, then they are given on the birthdays or anniversaries of the old customers. To avail this discount you have to submit your special days on the website of his brand.

How to use coupon code for Zpizza?

Using a coupon code for Zpizza is very easy. You just need to confirm the method of earning the discount coupon. This will help you in applying the coupon code. If you have earned it in online orders, then you need to use it in your online orders and if you have got it from the store then you will have to visit the store for availing it.

For the offline orders you just have to carry the coupon with yourself and at the time of billing show, it to the cashier and your work will be done. On the online orders, you just need to write the code in the space provided. This option comes at the time when you are paying the bill.

How Zpizza is unique?

The uniqueness of this brad could be calculated by taking a bite of the food items provided by it. However, if we talk about the other characteristics, then it is one of the best pizza brands in the whole California that gives the best taste and services. Also, this brand has got a lot of options for all of them who do not like pizza that much. So, if you are someone who does not like to eat junk and is thinking that this brand is not for you then you are wrong. You can come here any time you want for tasting the best salads.

Why choose Zpizza?

Well, if you are a Pizza lover then you will understand this thing in the best way. By choosing this brand, you are choosing the pizzas that taste the best. Along with that, you can opt for various other options too. In terms of delivery and other services also, there is no substitute for this brand. This makes it one of the best places to dine out with your friends and family, which is yet another reason for choosing this brand.

Shopping tips for Zpizza

There are different shopping tips for different brands. The reason behind this is that the cost of the items that the brand provides is different and therefore, the deals and discounts that are given are also different. Following are the tips for shopping from Zpizza.

  • The first shopping tip for this brand is that one needs to follow them on their various social media platforms for participating in various contests that are running there on these platforms. You do not need to spend much of your time on these contests and if you win then you are certainly going to win some discount voucher
  • If you are a pizza lover and want it to be your meal for every occasion, then set your calendar accordingly and visit their store on various occasions and you will definitely get some discounts.

Shipping policy of Zpizzza

As we all know that there are various outlets of this brand across the country and all of them deliver the food in that particular area. If you are calling for your order, then make sure that you are placing the order in the restaurant that is in your area only. If this is not the case, then there is the possibility that they won't deliver the food to you. For this reason, it is always advisory to order the food online. If you are doing so, then they will get your exact location and then will deliver the food exactly to your location.

The return policy of Zpizza

If you have ordered your food from the Zpizza online or by calling them, then there is a possibility of you getting a wrong order. In this case, if you are expecting that they will return your order, then you are completely wrong. They will definitely fix this issue, but not by returning the order, instead, they will exchange it from the other customer. The person responsible for the wrong delivery will be taken in charge and the required action will be taken against him or her. So, basically, there is no return policy of this brand.

Things you should know about Zpizza

  • Zpizza is one of the popular pizza brands in Newport Beach, California. This is commonly known as Z.
  • This brand deals,especially in Pizzas, but there are other food options also available here.
  • The brand was founded by Sid Fanarof in the year 1986 inLaguana The headquarters of this brand is in Newport Beach, California.
  • The brand has opened more outlets of it in LA, the Phoenix Metro and in many other places. All these outlets deal in dine out and take away service.
  • If you look at the menu of this brand precisely then it has a lot of things to give to its customers. It has the options for vegetarians, nonvegetarians, vegans and every other human being who love pizza.
  • Talking about the food item precisely, it has pizza and salad options with them. One thing that you might not like in the food services of this brand is that it does not give you the opportunity of making your own type of pizza, which other brands provide. However, the ingredients of these recipes are written just below their names and you can choose them according to your taste and mood.

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