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Pizza My Heart FAQs

Are there any coupons for Pizza My Heart?

There are currently 12 active Pizza My Heart coupons and deals that can be found here at The most recent deal is 12 Cayenne Repellant Pizza Pepper Sauce Bottles For $30. Check back frequently for more 2021 Pizza My Heart coupon codes and discounts.

How do I use my Pizza My Heart coupons online?

First, choose the pizza and other sides that you want for your order and add them to your shopping cart. Then verify your items in your shopping cart. On the same page, you will find a box for inputting the promotional code. Type in the coupon code in the box provided and you will immediately see the discount applied to your bill as long as it is valid for your order.

Does Pizza My Heart have a military discount?

Pizza My Heart does not have military discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza My Heart military discount. However, military members can find 2021 Pizza My Heart coupons and promo codes here at

Does Pizza My Heart have a student discount?

Pizza My Heart does not have student discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza My Heart student discount. However, students can find a 2021 Pizza My Heart promo code here at

Does Pizza My Heart have a senior discount?

Pizza My Heart does not have senior discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza My Heart senior discount. However, seniors can find other great 2021 Pizza My Heart coupon codes here at

Does Pizza My Heart have a teacher discount?

Pizza My Heart does not have teacher discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza My Heart teacher discount. However, teachers can find 2021 Pizza My Heart coupons here at

Does Pizza My Heart have free delivery?

Pizza My Heart does not have free delivery. The official website and Facebook page do not include any information confirming free delivery. However, services like Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash might offer free Pizza My Heart delivery on your first order.

Does Pizza My Heart have a first order discount?

Pizza My Heart does not have a first order discount. Pizza My Heart website and Facebook page do not include any first order discounts.

Pizza My Heart

Pizza has become a substitute for the word “love". Dinner party? Pizza.Sunday brunch? Pizza. A day out with friends? What better option than to order a fresh hand tossed pizza with cheese burst and extra pieces of chicken burden on top of it? With a variety of new pizzas on the menu along with Pizza My Heart coupons, we just can not get enough of this heaven made a batch of bread and cheese, with a thousand other toppings to choose from. Competition brewing amongst several fast food chains, or should we just stick to saying pizza chains, has blessed us with the opportunity of getting to satiate our hunger with even better versions of this American discovery.

Pizza My Heart is just what you would look up to for your sudden cravings of pizza at unmentioned hours of midnight or any time of the day. The people at Pizza my heart will not only blow your senses and be gentle on your pocket, but they also hold a record of quick delivery, even before you can take a snap. The hot and fresh pizza will be at your doorstep in no time. The chain first started in a little bedroom-sized shop at one of the most “funnest” place in California, in Capitola Beach. It started getting famous among the surfers and soon enough, the line as long as a block started to form in front of its door. Their success in the Bay area encouraged them to open up more outlets throughout California.

Location hunt:

What started as a little bedroom-sized shop in Capitola Beach has now spread over to 23 different locations spread out over California. Pizza My Heart has opened its doors to the world in – Blossom Hill, Burlingame, Cupertino, Evergreen, Emeryville, Isla Vista, Los Gatos, Monterey, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, San Ramon, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek, Capitola, Willow Glen. Some places host more than one outlet of Pizza My Heart. They deliver within two-mile radius of every store.

First Purchase Discount:

On your first order at any Pizza My Heart store, you will be eligible to avail a discount of $5. Is this not amazing? You will get rewards for doing what you love to do the most! Eating extremely tasty slices of pizza.


The folks at Pizza My heart are huge-hearted. They believe in giving back to the world, helping out the ones who are less fortunate and in need. Annually, they end up donating more than a thousand gift certificates and free slice cards. They respond back to the ones who request donations from them and do their best to work for a better world. They always show interest in donating to schools and non-profit organizations (NGO) within their delivery radius. They provide you with their email address to which you can mail in your request of donations, the organization or school for whom it is targeted, who it is beneficial for, and why should they participate in your task of helping out. Also, remember to put in your contact information and the address to which the donation needs to be sent to. They will get back to you, hopefully with a positive response if the details are proved to be accurate. Nobody would want a donation to go waste right?

Scrip Programs:

They understand that the best method of ensuring a better future is to nurture the children of today. The children are going to be the pillars of tomorrow. The way you treat them now will affect the way they will behave with you and the world in the future. So, they invest. And what another way to invest other than to invest in a local school of their community through Scrip Programs?Schools around the Bay Area of California needs to sign up with Pizza My Heart and can avail gift cards. For a school fundraising programs, they sell their

$5 gift cards for $4.40

$10 gift cards for $8.50

$20 gift cards for $16.00

They assure that their Scrip programs are the most aggressive ones in town. All that a school has got to do is to send an email to their email address, and sit back for the magic to happen!

Conduct fundraising programs here:

If you are someone who wants to do something good for the world through your charity organization but need money in order to be able to fund your dreams, then Pizza My heart is the place for you. The same fundraising programs that you could have held in your lawn or yard, you can request them to allow you to hold it in their shop instead. It will not only do you good by gathering an extra amount of money, but it will ensure that a lot number of people gets to know about your organization. You can hold these programs any day from Monday to Friday, from 4 to 9 pm. The steps to get your program into the shop is simple :

Go to their website and click on the “About Us” tab

Scroll down and you will see a red button, on which “Request Fundraiser” is written

Click on that button and a new page will come up

The page will have a form that they need you to fill out. Tabs of your name, the name of your organization, the bank account to which cheques would be made payable to, the tax ID number, number of guests expected, the location of the program and other information alike.

After that, you have to click on the submit button.

After submitting the form, the store manager at your locality would need to confirm your program.

Then you can drop in a mail at their address, to request a customized flyer to attract more guests by promoting your program.

When the final night arrives, the guests can either dine in or take out and even call to order pizza from them. For home-based guests, all they have to do is show the flyer and tell the delivery boy that their order is intended for the fundraising program. Online orders will not be considered though.

That is it! After a week or two, you will receive a cheque giving you 30 percent of the sales brought in by your group.

They do request you to pre-book the restaurant in advance by at least two weeks.

Restaurant tours to nearby schools:

Children have the most intrigued and curious minds. They would just love to know how the food that they love so much (but their mother won't let them eat so much of it) is made. So Pizza My Heart conducts free restaurant tours to the children of nearby elementary schools. Typically, a tour begins at 9 am in the morning with a bunch of about 20 students in the group. A teacher and four or five parent helpers also accompany them in this tour. The kids are made to know how the restaurant works, how the fresh pizza is made and what they add to their pizza to make it the best in California. To enable children of a different language to understand better, the tour is performed in both English and Spanish. What started at 9 am come to a close end by 10 am. The children would have by then made a version of their own tasty pizza. With that, they would return back to their schools with a mind full of new discoveries, fun,and a Pizza My Heart shirt as a souvenir for them to keep. The schools would need to previously sign up for this tour. It would cost the school nothing at all for this tour. The request that Pizza My Heart make is to book a tour at least one month in advance, and if possible, book it from Monday to Wednesday. Those days work the best for them.

Dine in, delivery or take out:

Their fancy restaurant offers a very Instagram friendly vibe with fancy napkins and parmesan cheese shakers. The place will turn your bad day into a good day and your good day into a better one. For dining in, the place opens every day of the year except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. They do have to keep their families in mind as well. They deliver up to 2-mile radius of every store. The distance might vary because of the presence of highways and freeways and rivers in between. The delivery range increases the size of the order though. With 3 or more large pizzas on the bill, the delivery can be arranged for by speaking to the store manager. If you need to carry out your order in your way to someplace else, you can call them up or order online for a take out. They will bake up your pizza while you will sit back and relax. They serve their take outs in their award-winning pizza boxes, which lets the pizza stay fresh for a longer time period.

Customize your own pizza:

You can nurture a love for cooking but always fail at it. There are stories of such people all around, heard and unheard of. Nevertheless, Pizza My Heart gives you a chance to whip up your pizza in the way that you like. The chart for their customizable pizza is there on their website, and also at every outlet. Their toppings include Canadian bacon, anchovies, salami, gorgonzola, figs, chicken, pesto, clam, fresh serrano chilies, sausage, red onions, bells, pineapples, broccoli and much much more. The horizon of your trials will become humungous. You can also add cheese up to your want and desire. You can also add up to four toppings on either your 12 inch or 14 inches or 18-inch pizza crusts. 

Quality food:

From their garlic and cheese to their chicken and bacon, everything that goes over and into their pizza is unbeatably good. Locally grown and free of pesticides, their pizzas are healthy and delicious without having to compromise on the quality. The dough for pizza is made to mature for 36 hours, letting it rise while you munch on your favorite pizza. They happen to the first chain in the nation to have switched to black olives, as it does not contain ferrous sulfate. Their bacon and pepperoni are free of nitrates and nitrites. The chicken that they use in preparation of pizza is anti-biotic free. The tomatoes in their food are grown in Central Valley, canned within hours to preserve freshness and hence requiring no preservatives. They make sure to buy their garlic and cheese from local farms. They completely understand the effects of harmful substances on their consumers, how a single pizza having chemical substances might cause life-threatening shocks. So they do not, strictly, compromise on the quality of their food.

Shirts with their logo on it:

Pizza My Heart has its own range of shirts as well, a perfect fit for every customer who comes in through their doors. Each shirt cost about $7 each, the logo of Pizza My Heart is painted over it, along with the name of the city from where you have bought it. Their shirts sell like hot cakes. They also have limited edition shirts available for purchase, such as the ones that celebrate the love for California. With the purchase of a shirt, they also give you a certificate for a free slice of pizza. You can wear your new shirt whilst enjoying a slice of pizza, just like a Californian. If you send in a picture of yourself in the shirt, they will also post the photo on their official website. Now if that's not cool, we don't know what is!

Pizza Calculator:

They also have a pizza calculator in case you are ordering pizza from Pizza My Heart for a big group of people, maybe a family get together or a friends reunion. Here you can enter the number of adult meat eaters, adults who will opt for vegetarian options, number of teens and number of kids. With this information on board, the calculator will give you an approximate idea of the menu that you can order. More intricate details of everyone's choices can be filled in once you get to put together the likings of the lot.

Pizza My Heart Locations

You can find a Pizza My Heart in the following locations in California (CA) - Burlingame, Capitola, Cupertino, Emeryville, Isla Vista, Los Gatos, Monterey, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, San Ramon, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek

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