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Pizza King FAQs

Are there any coupons for Pizza King?

There are currently 13 active Pizza King coupons and deals that can be found here at The most recent coupon is Get 14 Inch One Item Pizza for $16.39 with promo code 1011. Check back frequently for more 2021 Pizza King coupon codes and discounts.

How do I use my Pizza King coupons online?

First, choose the pizza and other sides that you want for your order and add them to your shopping cart. Then verify your items in your shopping cart. On the same page, you will find a box for inputting the promotional code. Type in the coupon code in the box provided and you will immediately see the discount applied to your bill as long as it is valid for your order.

Does Pizza King have a military discount?

Pizza King does not have military discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza King military discount. However, military members can find 2021 Pizza King coupons and promo codes here at

Does Pizza King have a student discount?

Pizza King does not have student discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza King student discount. However, students can find a 2021 Pizza King promo code here at

Does Pizza King have a senior discount?

Pizza King does not have senior discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza King senior discount. However, seniors can find other great 2021 Pizza King coupon codes here at

Does Pizza King have a teacher discount?

Pizza King does not have teacher discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Pizza King teacher discount. However, teachers can find 2021 Pizza King coupons here at

Does Pizza King have free delivery?

Pizza King does not have free delivery. The official website and Facebook page do not include any information confirming free delivery. However, services like Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash might offer free Pizza King delivery on your first order.

Does Pizza King have a first order discount?

Pizza King does not have a first order discount. Pizza King website and Facebook page do not include any first order discounts.

Pizza king

If you want a pizza that is good unto the edges then you should definitely look out for the options at the Pizza King. The restaurant has a great menu with plenty of options and categories that you might be puzzled on the ones you want to order. Without any further ado, let us take a look at what is on offer here.

  • Pizzas: There are five different sizes available to you with each of them catering to different amount of people. There is a simple cheese pizza for those who want nothing other than cheese on their pizza or a 1 topping pizza where you can choose the topping that you want. You can also go for the Hawaiian pizza which has ham, pineapple, cheese and barbecue sauce. There are also feast pizzas which are an awesome blend of different toppings. Under feast pizzas you can choose Royal feast, Veggie feast, Pepperoni feast, Meat Feast, Chicken ranch feast, Sriracha Ranch Chicken feast and more. There are also different toppings and choices in sauces which you can choose from.
  • Submarines: These are some of the best subs you can get in the country and the choices are limitless. You can go for the original giant with spiced ham, baked ham, salami, cheese and tomato sauce with onion. Other options are Breast of chicken, Roast beef, ham & cheese, Stromboli, Big Sir, Beef Boat, Salad Sub, Grilled Cheese sub, Meatball sub. You can add coke and fries and make it into a platter. You can also have other additional toppings and extra cheese for an additional price.
  • Pasta: They also have a pretty extensive pasta menu options at the Pizza King. You can even order for Children's portion when you are taking kids out on a meal. The options include Baked spaghetti, Pepperoni spaghetti Alfredo, Baked Royal feast Spaghetti, Baked Italian spaghetti, Spaghetti A la carte, Spaghetti Alfredo A la carte. You can add a salad and garlic bread and make it into a complete dinner. You can also add juicy meatballs and more mushrooms if you prefer.
  • Wrap ups: There are two options here which is Stromboli Wrap up, Sub wrap up with option to add fries and coke for making it into a platter.
  • Sandwiches: For those who are looking for a quick meal, these sandwiches are just the option. Blue Cheese bacon burger, Pepperoni cheese burger, American cheese bacon burger, Three cheese burger, Italian burger, Hamburger, Chicken sandwich are the options you can get in this section.
  • Salads: There is pasta salad, side salad, Chef's salad as three different options that you can choose with 8 different dressing options to choose from.
  • There are also different soft drinks, beer and wine that you can choose to accompany your meal at the Pizza King. Each of these sections also has plenty of options under each of them. The alcoholic beverages are limited to a few restaurants and you might have to show identification for ordering them.

Student discount at Pizza King

Students are often offered multiple discounts and offers at the different pizzeria outlets, encouraging them to make more purchases and make them often too. The official website of pizza king currently does not have any information on possible student level specific discounts. What we however find on an online search is that there is a student discount offered at specific outlets of Pizza king in certain locations. If you are looking for student level discounts that are applicable across the different outlets of Pizza King, then you may not find one right away. There are multiple different coupons and deals that you can make use of while ordering at Pizza King.

The Pizza King is not just known for their extensive menu and delicious food but they are quite famous for the coupons that get you the best deal on food. If you are a student and you have a discount running for students in your locality at the Pizza King outlet, you can avail it by producing the student id at the time of billing. We would suggest that you check in with the respective outlets or the website before ordering to know if there are any student specific discounts.

First order discount at Pizza king

Orders are always welcome and the first orders are even more welcomed for it brings the newest set of customers to the restaurant. Pizza King does not differentiate between existing and new customers and they let everyone have the fullest taste of their hospitality. They offer the same kind of deals whether you are buying for the first time or you are buying for the hundredth time. You can enjoy the utmost hospitality with the restaurant irrespective of how many times you are ordering from them.

If you are ordering for the first time and you want to get a discount for being a new customer you can check with the respective outlet to know if there is any offer running for the newbies. You can also check the website of the company before ordering to see if they are running any deals that can benefit the first time orders. Even if you don't find a specific discount for the first time, you will find an abundance of deals that will help you make the best out of your money while ordering at the Pizza king. You can make use of these deals so that you get the money's worth of food at Pizza King.

Military discounts at Pizza King

If you are serving in the armed forces, then there is no doubt that you and your family will be shown the utmost respect and honor at every Pizza King outlet. However if you are searching for a discount that is exclusive to military families or the armed forces veterans, then there is no such information on the company website regarding the same. You can however check the website before ordering to see if there have been any recent additions or inclusions with regards to the same. Alternatively you can also check with the respective outlets to see if there is a running offer that you can avail.

Special discounts at Pizza King

There is no shortage when it comes to deals while ordering your meal at Pizza King. As a top pizza chain in the country, the Pizza King has been giving out deals on a daily basis. You just have to simply check the coupons page on their website to know the latest deals and offers that you can make use of. They also have a specials menu which is a daily lunch and dinner buffet with a set menu that can take care of your meal requirements at a definitively lower price than usual. Signing up for their emails will get you even more information on latest promo events.

How to use the coupon code at Pizza King?

Coupon codes are a term that you will often come across when you are shopping online, not just at the Pizza King. At Pizza King though, you will find that there is a separate page dedicated to giving out coupons to its customers so that they can get the real value for money deal. Apart from this, there are also other online websites that can give you these coupons.

If you are dining in or a taking out the meal, then you should go for the printable coupons that can be exchanged at the counter while you place the order and pay the bill. In case of online orders, you can redeem them while checking out from the cart page. The shopping cart has a provision where you can enter the coupon code in and apply the same to your bill on checking out.

How is Pizza King unique?

The menu options are a fact that is worth mentioning when you are speaking about Pizza King. Unlike many other pizzerias, they do not focus solely on pizza but provide you extensive choices even under other options like salads, subs and pastas. With many different toppings to choose from and different sauces you will have the perfect taste that you have been craving for in no time at all. They even have options to choose your own dressing on the salads you order from them. The add-ons and the specials menu make sure that you have the right deal in your hands.

Why should you choose Pizza King?

Pizza King is among those top restaurants that ensure that you get your money's worth every time you purchase from them. Be it pizza or a simple salad, you are entitled to make your own choices with sauces, dressings and the toppings. They guarantee you the best recipe at every menu item and the freshest of ingredients to top it all. Also they ensure that the toppings are spread across the pizza, not even leaving the edges which ensure that you have the same taste at every bite. The value meals and the daily deals are icing on the cake which makes Pizza King as your best choice.

Shopping tips

  • Check out the coupons page that is part of the official website of Pizza King before you continue to your order. This page has quite a few coupons you can make use of, on any given day and they guarantee you the best meal at the best price.
  • You can also go for the value meals or the specials as they call on their menu. These are a combination of pizzas or pastas with other options at a set price that is much lower than their actual cost. These are predefined menus that you will find available everyday during lunch and dinner.
  • If you are ordering from them, ensure that you meet their minimum order requirement to enjoy delivery without any charges. Also having a platter with fries and coke added to your pizza or pasta can make the deal even more affordable.

Shipping policy

Pizza King offers shipping of par baked dough topped with the freshest of ingredients, frozen after packed up in vacuum and furthermore packed up in an insulated box. These are generally sent through standard overnight or through overnight saver at UPS. In case of any of non-availability of these options, the priority overnight is used that will cost you extra. The cost of shipping will depend on the weight of the pizza and the quantity that you order. The shipping charges are given at a discount thanks to the deal they have with the UPS.

Return policy

Given that the food items are perishable there are no returns accommodated on the orders you place at the Pizza king. However if there has been a mix up in your order or if it is not as per the expectations set by the restaurant, you can directly get in touch with the respective outlet who can guide you on how to get a refund or an exchange. The restaurant will generally replace the mixed up order with a right one or an order of lower value as per your choice. Refunds are based on case to case and are as per the respective outlet.

Things you should know about Pizza King

  • The first of the Pizza King opened in Indiana and was opened by Wendell Swartz in the year 1957. Most of the restaurants of Pizza King are limited to the state of Indiana, with the first one started in Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Currently there are more than 80 stores in the state and the original store in Lafayette, is however not functioning anymore.
  • There are two different Pizza Kings in the state, due to the sale of the company to the bookkeeper Don Schutz in 1966 by Swartz.
  • There are no franchises but dealers for the pizza king at different locations. They are referred to as dealers as they can produce their own pizza and make their business, with only stipulation being that the ingredients only from Pizza King are used. They also have stipulations on the process of cooking.
  • The corporate store makes fresh dough everyday and have the same delivered to the stores on a daily basis. They do not use frozen dough for making pizza on any day.
  • The Pizza King which was expanded by Robert Swartz, brother of founder Wendell Swartz, operates under the name of Sir Pizza, incorporated in 1965.

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