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Mr. Jim's Pizza FAQs

Are there any coupons for Mr. Jim's Pizza?

There are currently 32 active Mr. Jim's Pizza coupons and deals that can be found here at The most recent coupon is 2 Pizzas For $8.99 Each with promo code CPH. Check back frequently for more 2021 Mr. Jim's Pizza coupon codes and discounts.

How do I use my Mr. Jim's Pizza coupons online?

First, choose the pizza and other sides that you want for your order and add them to your shopping cart. Then verify your items in your shopping cart. On the same page, you will find a box for inputting the promotional code. Type in the coupon code in the box provided and you will immediately see the discount applied to your bill as long as it is valid for your order.

Does Mr. Jim's Pizza have a military discount?

No, Mr. Jim's Pizza does not have military discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Mr. Jim's Pizza military discount. However, military members can find 2021 Mr. Jim's Pizza coupons and promo codes here at

Does Mr. Jim's Pizza have a student discount?

No, Mr. Jim's Pizza does not have student discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Mr. Jim's Pizza student discount. However, students can find a 2021 Mr. Jim's Pizza promo code here at

Does Mr. Jim's Pizza have a senior discount?

No, Mr. Jim's Pizza does not have senior discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Mr. Jim's Pizza senior discount. However, seniors can find other great 2021 Mr. Jim's Pizza coupon codes here at

Does Mr. Jim's Pizza have a teacher discount?

No, Mr. Jim's Pizza does not have teacher discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Mr. Jim's Pizza teacher discount. However, teachers can find 2021 Mr. Jim's Pizza coupons here at

Does Mr. Jim's Pizza have free delivery?

No, Mr. Jim's Pizza does not have free delivery. The official website and Facebook page do not include any information confirming free delivery.

Does Mr. Jim's Pizza have a first order discount?

No, Mr. Jim's Pizza does not have a first order discount. Mr. Jim's Pizza website and Facebook page do not include any first order discounts.

Mr. Jim's Pizza

Do you have a strong passion for pizzas? Just wait there is a place that can serveyou with some awesome pizza dishes. Most of them are just too good in taste. Apart from this, the pizza dishes are available at a very reasonable price with Mr Jims coupons. There are some distinguished features of this restaurant that makes them unique in all aspects. Let's have a glance at it.

  • Most of the pizza dishes are available in various flavors. It may happen that you may feel bored with the traditional flavors of pizza, but with this restaurant you can taste something new. They are really too good to eat.
  • Even there are options of making or preparing customized pizza. You can now easily add the ingredients as per your wish or demand. Just mix it and add some extra flavors. You can even add slices of red chilies or green peppers.
  • You will be really surprised to know about the various flavors or menus of Pizza. It starts with original pizzas to Custom D Lish or Burger D Lish. All of them are just great. Once you have it you will never forget its taste. Mostly cheese and toppings are used over the pizzas.
  • There are wide varieties of other items that are also available along with pizzas. These are salads, beverages, or Jimzonni, bread. You can easily taste all of them.
  • However, the salads are the most attractive item. There are many people who maintain perfect diet. Thus, for them salads are the best option. The ingredients that are used are mostly natural so it can be tasted easily.
  • The availability of the Nutritional Value calculator is the most vital one. It helps a person to calculate the actual value of their selected food. It is very easy to operate. Take for example, if you put the chosen item on the site and press the Enter button. Soon you will get the actual value of the food and this will actually help the person know about the selected item.
  • This is not the end; you can also try a wide varietyof beverages and drinks that are also offered in this restaurant. Most of the drinks and beverages are quite refreshing.If you are feeling low, then such drinks are just great.
  • The most exciting part comes now. It will really feel nice if you get all this delicious food items at a low price. Apart from this, there is much type of offers that are also provided to the food items. You can easily go for it.
  • There are different types of breads and pastas that are available here. You can try all types of breads and pastas. They have a wonderful flavor. You should taste all these ones. If you taste it once, you will never forget the flavor in your lifetime.
  • The chicken nuggets are one of the most special items that are available here. The nuggets are always fresh and good to eat. Even the original crust baked is the favorite item of this restaurant.

Student discount of Jim's Pizza:

The students discount is the most astonishing feature of this restaurant. If you are a student then you should definitely try this one. Most of the students usually prefer to have pizzas on special days. But somehow they could not afford it due to high price of the items. However, there are some situations or conditions that can be applied to it. Now you can easily move to the restaurant and avail the wonderful offers that are specially made for the students. You can taste the pizzas and pay the amount at a discounted rate. Taste the pizzas and while making the bills show your identity card.  The price of the items will be lowered down instantly. However, the most important thing is that the student should carry the identity card while stepping into the restaurant. This advantage is only available in offline mode and not in online mode.

If you want then please keep a watch on the website. You will get all the latest offers and discounts on the website itself. That is really a fantastic thing. Most of the time, it is seen that these types of restaurants provide a good ambience and atmosphere for the customers.

First order discount of Jim's Pizza:

When a person is planning to visit the restaurant they will always intend to have the foods at a discounted rate. On the other side, it is said that the more the customers will visit the restaurant the more it will gain good importance or popularity. It should also be the priority of every restaurant owner to look after the well-being or demands of the customers. Customers should be the main importance of the restaurant owners. However, there are many restaurants that provide exclusive offers for the customers.

The first order discount is the most important feature of Jim's Pizza. Major offers are given on special combo meals. You can easily grab the offers. There are few things that must be kept in mind while availing the first order discount. Visit the website and you will get to know about the discounts and other offers associated with it.

Sometimes it is seen that people get some extra dishes along with the discounts and offers. Even they are also offered with beverages and drinks. You will really like to have all this items. The first discount offer is mainly offered by people who have not availed any type of offers. They are mainly preferred in case of bulk orders.

Military Discount of Jim's Pizza:

Military discount is one of the best things that are associated with Jim's Pizza. If any of your family members is serving any military organization then you can avail good discount on your selected items. It is also applicable in case of people who are associated with any type of defense organizations. There are special days like the Army Day or the Military Day when these people and their family members can avail something special. You should now get the taste of beautiful pizzas at a very affordable rate. So, now come and enjoy some yummy pizza dishes with your family members.

Special Discount of Jim's Pizza:

Special Discount is the one of the best thing that is offered by Jim's Pizza. If you are willing to grab the special discount offer of Jim's Pizza then it is better to keep a good eye on its websites. The websites are updated on regular basis and so one can get good information about the latest updates. Just open the page of the website and soon you will get the option of special discount. Click on it and you will be able to know about the new offers or discounts that are offered by the restaurant. It is really a wonderful one.

How to use Jim's Pizza coupon code?

Jim's Pizza also provides good coupon on their items. This is the thing that is very popular and famous among the young generation. It is also a very simple process to apply and get the coupon code of this restaurant. First visit the website of the restaurant. You will get to know about the various offers and discounts. Now click on the section of coupon code. You will be informed about the new ones. Select the items that you want to order. Once the order has been placed kindly provide the coupon code that has been offered to you. You will be surprised to see the discounts. 

This facility is also conferred in case of offline order. While paying the bill mention the code that is provided inside the coupon. You will get instant discount on the selected item. So, it is really great to know about the specialty of Jim's Pizza's coupon code.

How Jim's Pizza is unique?

There are numerous things that should be mentioned here. All the best qualities of Jim's Pizza have made it unique in all respect. Firstly, the food served here is of top-quality. The restaurant owners never compromise with the quality. The foods are also available at a very low price so that each and every section of people can afford it. This is a very unique quality of the restaurant. Even there are various types of food that are available here. So, one can choose as per their choice. It is also a great place where you can go with your friends and relatives.

Why should you choose Jim's pizza?

When the question arises behind choosing or preferring Jim's pizza then there are ample reasons behind it. Most importantly the foods served here is of premium quality. The restaurant owners never offer poor quality food in any situation. There are various types of offers and discounts that are also provided by the restaurant throughout the year. So, people can grab any such offers. The students also get the absolute privilege in choosing the right item and getting those ones at a reasonable price. In fact, this restaurant has turned out to be one of the favorite destinations for many people.

Jim's Pizza shopping tips:

Before going to taste the wonderful pizzas there are certain things that should be kept in mind. It can help the customer to save money to a good extent. Some of them are quite vital.

It is always better to visit the page of the website whenever possible so that you can always stay updated. Most of the restaurants update their page on a regular basis. So, please be updated.

  • Try to apply the coupon codes or the discounts that are provided to the pizzas or other items. They may prove to be much more profitable and nice. If informed about the discounts it is better to apply the same within the stipulated period.
  • At the time of visiting the restaurant you might have observed that most of them provide a page in which the visitor should state his name along with the special days like Birthdays or Anniversaries. You may get some discounts on such dates.

About Jim's Pizza Shipping policy:

The shipping policy is very strict here. You should be well aware about the jurisdiction because it matters a lot in most of the cases. While placing the order, kindly mention the name of the area so that it becomes easier for the executives to find whether it comes within their jurisdiction. Also, be very particular about the time of placing the order. If the time exceeds then the order will not be accepted anymore.  It should be maintained under any situation. There is a good demand of the pizzas, especially during the weekends so people usually forget about the time. 

About Jim's Pizza Return Policy:

In most of the cases it has been noticed if the company has mistakenly delivered any item to the customer then the same is replaced or exchanged within a short time. The whole responsibility is upon the restaurant. But if the customer places the order and denies it after that then the restaurant is not responsible in any way. It has to be accepted by the customer under any circumstances. So, please be very particular at the time of placing the orders. They will never tolerate any type of negligence or mistakes too. It should be always kept in mind.

Things you should know about Jim's Pizza:

  • The history of Jim's Pizza is very old and renowned at the same time. It was somewhere in 1981 when the first franchisee of Jim's Pizza was taken by Scott Hallman. In those days there were limited foods. People would mainly like to avail the various types of tasty pizzas that were found here.
  • But as time passed, people got habituated with the new ones. Now, one can get various other dishes of Pizza that are mainly made with natural ingredients and items. Once you will taste it you will like to taste it again and again.
  • On the other side, the pizzas and other items that are available here are mostly available at a low price. It can be afforded by anyone. The foods are also delivered to the address if it comes within their jurisdiction.
  • The main focus and stress is given on the quality of the foods. The restaurant always gives priority on the ingredients and other related matters. They also maintain proper hygiene.
  • If you are really getting bored of having pizzas, then you can try other dishes that are prepared here. The mind-blowing natural salads are just too good. It should be tried along with delicious drinks or beverages.

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