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Minsky's Pizza FAQs

Are there any coupons for Minsky's Pizza?

There are currently 44 active Minsky's Pizza coupons and deals that can be found here at Coupons.pizza. The most recent coupon is Get 25% OFF all Minsky’s Calzones (October 30-November 1) with promo code Calzone25. Check back frequently for more 2021 Minsky's Pizza coupon codes and discounts.

How do I use my Minsky's Pizza coupons online?

First, choose the pizza and other sides that you want for your order and add them to your shopping cart. Then verify your items in your shopping cart. On the same page, you will find a box for inputting the promotional code. Type in the coupon code in the box provided and you will immediately see the discount applied to your bill as long as it is valid for your order.

Does Minsky's Pizza have a military discount?

Minsky's Pizza does not have military discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Minsky's Pizza military discount. However, military members can find 2021 Minsky's Pizza coupons and promo codes here at Coupons.pizza.

Does Minsky's Pizza have a student discount?

Minsky's Pizza does not have student discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Minsky's Pizza student discount. However, students can find a 2021 Minsky's Pizza promo code here at Coupons.pizza.

Does Minsky's Pizza have a senior discount?

Minsky's Pizza does not have senior discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Minsky's Pizza senior discount. However, seniors can find other great 2021 Minsky's Pizza coupon codes here at Coupons.pizza.

Does Minsky's Pizza have a teacher discount?

Minsky's Pizza does not have teacher discounts. The official website and Facebook page do not include a Minsky's Pizza teacher discount. However, teachers can find 2021 Minsky's Pizza coupons here at Coupons.pizza.

Does Minsky's Pizza have free delivery?

Minsky's Pizza does not have free delivery. The official website and Facebook page do not include any information confirming free delivery. However, services like Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash might offer free Minsky's Pizza delivery on your first order.

Does Minsky's Pizza have a first order discount?

Minsky's Pizza does not have a first order discount. Minsky's Pizza website and Facebook page do not include any first order discounts.

Minsky's Pizza

Pizza is a universal language everyone speaks- it is spelled as delicious, tasty and heavenly. Prepared with different types of ingredients which you can choose as per your wished and preferences, it is the ultimate make-your-own food that can be had any time of the hour- be it for lunch, dinner or even for breakfast. For so versatile a food, one needs to taste it from a venue which appreciates its current fast food ways while also being willing to experiment with it and flourish it with the luxurious gourmet treatment. That's what Minsky's pizza does. Minsky's pizza is said to be so delicious that it was voted to be the best pizza of Kansas City again and again. Here customers will get to bite into award-winning gourmet pizzas which are sure to win their hearts, taste buds and minds. In fact, their slogan is- "Gourmet, and going to stay that way”. Surely you must want to know just how Minsky prepares its world-class pizzas and just how is it different from other places which offer the same type of food- pizzas? Here's a little list:

  • Fresh ingredients: The preparation of the savory pizzas in their menu begins with hand-rolled fresh dough, which then gets layered up with a very generous helping of the finest of meats, freshly cut vegetables, a lot of aromatic herbs before being topped with beautiful mozzarella and being baked to pure perfection.
  • Hand worked process: Any gourmet pizza requires the use of just the best and highest quality of ingredients which must be accompanied with a passion and dedication to make outstanding, delicious but different styles of pizzas. Minsky's passes in this trial because they make their crusts straight from scratch and that too several times in a day. They also add olive oil and sea salt in it to make it healthier but also tastier. This along with hand cut veggies a variety of lean cut meats makes the pizzas a delight to put into one's mouth. Minsky's thinks that pizza should be enjoyed to one's heart and so they never cut any type of corners on the ingredients they put in.
  • Service: Minsky's service is just as a class apart as their pizzas are. Its always on point and the people are dedicated, caring and professional towards the customers so as to ensure that their needs are met and that they have a great time while there.
  • Flavour: Flavour is where Minsky's truly flourishes. Each and every bite which you will pull into your mouth will just be full of the most exquisite flavours. The best part of Minsky's is that they take care of customer needs and so if you don't prefer gluten topped pizzas, then they have a menu specially prepared where everything is gluten-free.
  • A full bar: When talking about pizza places the chances of many of them coming with a fully loaded bar which is filled with different minds of drinks is certainly less but Minsky's has got you covered with theirs.

Minsky's Pizza Special Discounts

Minsky's offers a lot of special discounts like:

  • Daily specials which are offered from Monday through Friday from 11 am to 2 pm. Here you will get a slice of pizza along with salad and soft drink for $7.49
  • They host Mini Monday where you will get a free mini cheese pizza for kids who are aged 12 and under with a purchase of a large pizza.
  • There's also Tostada Tuesdays where you can get a Large Tostada for $14.99, Tostada Calzone for $5.99 and Margaritas for $1 off
  • Try out the Wine and Dine Wednesdays where you will get 50% off of any bottle of wine upon buying any size of Pizza, Pasta or Sandwich.
  • There's also Thursday Papa's Special where you get a Large Papa Minsky's Pizza for $14.99
  • The Friday Phillies gets you Philly with fries from 11 am to 4 pm.
  • On the weekends you can get one pound of boneless wings from 11 am to 5 pm for $12

How to use Minsky's Coupon code

Minsky's offers a lot of coupon codes which allows you to get everywhere from $3 to $8 off your purchase of pizzas. To avail this discount you will have to log into their website and then go to the toolbar to select the option of ordering online pizzas. Then select the type of topping you would like to have, the amount and type of cheese you prefer and if you need any drinks along with it. After you are done finalizing the pizza, you will be taken to the payment section. Select the type of payment you want to make and after entering the required details you will find that there is a space for entering your coupon code and availing the discount therein. Type in the code and then click on finish. You will get the receipt after the discount has been deducted from the original price.

How Minsky Pizza is unique

Minsky Pizza offers a lot of facilities and features which aren't easily found in other pizzerias, like:

  • Fresh Ingredients: Their ingredients are carefully chosen and hand cut, from veggies to meat and everything in between. This extra care ensures that their pizzas are fresh and delicious.
  • Stocked bar: A stocked alcohol bar ensures that Minsky's truly offers something unique to its customers. Now everyone can enjoy their piping hot pizza with melting cheese and fresh ingredients on it but with a glass of their favorite drink to accompany its taste.
  • Delivery: Minsky's also having food trucks which go to various neighborhoods so as to give out their delicious pizzas. You can purchase one from them and they will be hot and freshly baked for sure.

Why you should choose Minsky Pizza

Minsky sets itself apart due to their professional service, their policy of offering freshly baked pizzas every time as well as ensuring that only fresh ingredients are used. But apart from this they also provide alcohol with their pizzas which makes it a great treat at one location for people who go looking for pizza from one place and then have to purchase alcohol from another location. Apart from this they also ensure that their customer's needs are always met by providing delicious gourmet items and taking care to introduce gluten-free products for customers who might require special dietary ingredients.

Minsky Pizza shopping Tips

Getting a pizza from Minsky's is an easy enough affair but there are tips which you should keep in mind to ensure that you can get it done faster while also saving up on some money:

  • Try to use coupon codes when you can. This will help when you are in a pinch but still want to enjoy a taste of delicious pizza.
  • Minsky's carries out a lot of promotional discounts and campaigns. Keep an eye out for those as hefty deals on pizzas and drinks are often found there.
  • Check their website periodically to see if any new contests, discounts or promotional stuff is being done to attract customers.
  • Try visiting the physical locations as well to know about these discounts which might be limited to specific locations as such.
  • To ensure your own financial protection you will have to show a state issued ID as well as the credit card which you have used for payment at the time of delivery or pickup up.

About Minsky Pizza's Shipping Policy

Minsky is like every other pizza venue in this aspect. They offer home deliveries for their pizzas as well and they try their best to ensure that you get the pizzas piping hot. Make sure you show your ID card as well as the card from which you have made your online payment for the pizza to the delivery person. Apart from this, they also have a delivery or catering truck which goes around the city providing pizzas right beside your home. But apart from this, nothing much is specified on their website. If you want to know more then it is advisable that you keep an eye on their website and check if they make any announcements in regards to changes in their shipping policy.

About Minsky Pizza's return policy

Generally return policy on pizzas differs with some places offering full refunds, while others give partial refunds and others not allowing anything as such after an order has been placed. But in regards to Minsky's, it's not really clear what is their return policy since their website doesn't elaborate on it much. But if you are interested in knowing more then keep an eye on their website and check their various tabs to ensure if they have updated their return policy integrated to how they handle order cancellations before and after the order has been made or if the wrong pizza is delivered and other such queries.

Things you should know about Minsky Pizzas

Minsky Pizzas offers a lot of faculties and extras which you should make yourself familiar with so as to get the best out of it:

  • Their fully equipped Minsky utility vehicle keeps 100 Gourmet Masterpiece Pizzas absolutely piping hot. Their refrigeration system there also allows for the classic salads and sodas to be stored safely.
  • You can have your wine and beer delivered right to your home as well and don't need to go to the physical store itself. You can choose from 6-packs of Bud Light, Miller Lite, Boulevard Wheat or Boulevard Pale Ale. Apart from the beer list, there is also a wine list which you can see at their website and order from. Make sure you have a photo ID upon delivery of the alcoholic beverage. Also, keep in mind that no alcohol will be given out if the person isn't at least 21 years of age. The driver won't leave alcoholic beverages unattended and as such, they won't be dropped off at a location as well.
  • You can get complimentary WiFi at the physical venues of Minsky's Pizza. So you can have your pizza, drink and fast wifi all at your disposal. Minsky's ensures that it is the ultimate pizza destination.

Minsky's Locations

You can find a Minsky's in the following locations in Kansas and Missouri: 

  • KS - Lawrence, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee
  • MO - Blue Springs, Independence, Kansas City, Lee's Summit, Liberty, Raymore

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