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Whether it is a party or a weekend get together, pizza is the food for every occasion. The magic of pizza is that no one can deny it. From adults to kids, everyone is in love with the cheesy and the crunchy taste of pizza. No matter which part of the world you go, pizza remains to be the constant favourite of people. The soft taste of the bread combined with the heavenly toppings and cheese is simply hard to resist. No wonder the number of pizza chains in the world has increased. Today, you will find numerous pizza chains all around the world. Speaking of pizza chains, one of the most prominent names in the market is Me-n-ed's. This is one of the best pizza chains in the whole of United States.

Located in California, Me-n-ed's have been serving people with its lips making pizza for 55 years now. The restaurant opened itsa door for the first time in 1958 and since then it has only grown in its business. For all these years the restaurant has served people with its high quality and fresh pizza. Not just that, but the restaurant has also developed close relationships with its customers with its great service. Today, Me-n-ed's have a large base of loyal customers. Me-n-ed's was established with the purpose of serving great quality food to the people. It has its outlets over 60 locations with a team of 1200 members. Here are some of the details about t Me-n-ed's.

  • Create a pizza: One of the best things about Me-n-ed's is that it allows it's customers to create their own pizza. Customers can choose their own choice of crust, toppings,and This allows the customers to make a pizza according to their own liking and choice.
  • Signature Pizzas: The restaurant also has a section of signature pizzas which is known to be the best out of their whole menu. If you ever order from Me-n-ed's, you should definitely try out their signature pizzas. There are a variety of signature pizzas available at the restaurant. If you are a true pizza lover, you simply cannot ignore this.
  • Other dishes: Just like any other pizzeria even Me-n-ed's have a number of other side dishes other than just pizzas. These side dishes are equally good and tasty as their pizzas. You can order some of their side dishes along with your pizza. Items like calzones, salads,and sandwiches are available at Me-n-ed's.
  • On Tap: One thing that are surely unique to Me-n-ed's is that they also serve beer along with pizzas. This is a combination you won't find at any other pizzeria. The restaurant has more than 30 self-pouring taps containing craft beer, cidar,and You can now enjoy your pizza with your favourite drink only at Me-n-ed's.
  • Quality food and service: One of the best things that customers like about Me-n-ed's is their quality service and food. the restaurant gives first priority to its for them serving their customer with quality and on-time service is the main aim. Quality service with tasty pizza, what more could you have asked for?

Student Discount

Students represent young people, young people who love to party and eat pizza whenever they are hungry. Pizza is like the ultimate food for every young student. However, the only problem with students is that they hardly have any cash to afford a pizza very often. Keeping this fact in mind, Me-n-ed's have come with student discounts. The restaurant offers a special student relate to the students who visit the restaurant. This is a great way of attracting more young customers to the outlet. The offer is valid only to the customers who visit the restaurant physically. All you need to do is show them your school ID proof and the cashier at the desk will reduce the necessary amount from the bill. This is actually a great deal for the students as they can have their favourite fast food dish at a lower price. It can be said that the restaurant does know how to make their young customers happy. However, the discount offers may change from time to time depending on the restaurant and also on the market rules. So don't forget to take your ID card when visiting Me-n-ed's to give yourself a lovely treat.

First Order Discount

There is always a first time for everything. If you are trying Me-n-Ed's pizza for the first time, you should know that the restaurant offers a special first order discount to its customers. This discount is applicable to all the customers who are visiting or ordering from the restaurant for the first time. Whether you visit the restaurant or order your food online, you can still avail the first order discount offer. However, customers should be informed that the deals and offers keep changing based on the restaurant policies and the market rules. So don't expect to get the same deal that your friend may have got. You never know but you may get an offer better than your friend! You can even earn points on your every purchase. Every time you order a pizza from Me-n-ed's you get some points which can be used to order more. When you have collected a specific amount of coins you can visit the store to redeem them by ordering a delicious pizza. The point system is actually a good offer for the customers. Now that you know about the point system make sure you order more from Me-n-ed's.

Military Discount

If you thought Me-n-ed's only prefer students and first-time customers, you are wrong. The restaurant also has military discounts for all the brave men in the army. Army men can avail their discount offer when they visit the restaurant. You can either visit the restaurant alone or with your family, you can still expect a rebate for serving the country. This is actually Me-n-ed's way of thanking all the military men who fight and protect the country. The restaurant respects the people who make the country a safer place for the people to live in and the restaurants to serve.

Special Discount At Me-n-ed's

Me-n-ed's also offer a variety of special discounts to its customers. These discounts are mainly offered during the festive season and on a special occasion like Valentine's Day. The restaurant makes an effort to make your special occasion even more special by offering you with exciting discount offers. These discounts can be availed both online and offline. You can either get a rebate on your total bill or offers such as buy one get one free. Not just that, you can even enjoy customized pizzas on special occasions. Me-n-ed surely gives you more reason to celebrate the occasion with their exciting special offers.

How To Use Me-n-ed's Coupon Code?

You also get coupon codes from Me-n-ed's. You can either get it online or go to the restaurant directly to get it. UsingMe-n-ed's coupons are quite simple. If you are ordering online, all you need to do is enter the coupon code in the given box and the system will identify the code and reduce the discount amount from your total bill. However, if you are at the restaurant you can tell the staff about your coupon and they will deduct the necessary amount from your bill. Me-n-ed's coupons are great as you can avail discounts up to 30 to 50%. The restaurant also offers bigger discounts on larger orders. This means the more you order the more you will save. This is actually a great way of keeping the customers happy so that they keep coming back for more. So don't forget to use your coupons the next time you order from Me-n-ed's.

How Is Me-n-Ed's Unique?

If you ask any customer about Me-n-ed's, most of them will mention the fact that the restaurant serves both pizzas and beer together. This is one of the biggest reasons why customers pour into the restaurant like a flock. Other than that customers also love the tasty pizzas that are served by them. It is needless to mention that the signature pizzas served by the restaurant are the all-time favourite of every customer. With over 55 years of experience, the restaurant does know how to keep their customers happy.

Why Choose Me-n-ed's?

When it comes to tasty and cheesy pizzas, Me-n-Ed's is the only name that you should remember. From high-quality service to lip-smacking pizzas, there are plenty of reasons to choose Me-n-ed's over any other pizzeria. The restaurant also provides you with numerous discounts on every special occasion. Not just that, if you wish to enjoy a combination of freshly baked pizzas with craft beer then Me-n-ed's should be your only destination. Also, the restaurant delivers your pizza on-time.

Shopping Tips

With so many deals and offers available at Me-n-ed's, it has become literally important to follow shopping tips to order from Me-n-ed's.

  1. If you have a coupon don't forget to use it while placing your Before, visiting the restaurant make sure that you carry the coupon along with you. Coupons come with an expiry date. If you don't use it before, it's the last date the coupon will become invalid.
  2. Since, there are a large number of deals and offers available at Me-n-ed's, go through the menu and the deals once before you place your order. This way you can make sure that you don't miss out on any good deals.
  3. When you have a lot of reward points in the store make sure that you use them. These reward points are offered for your benefit. Use the points to buy your favourite pizza from Me-n-ed's.

Shipping Policy

Me-n-ed's has its outlets located over 60 different places. Each area is assigned with an outlet to serve. If you are to order from Me-n-ed's you need to order it from the outlet near your area. You should be informed that a particular outlet will not serve outside itsthe radius. If you still try to order from an outlet outside your area, your pizza will not be delivered to you. However, if you do give a call to any of the outlets by mistake they least they can do is provide you with a number of the outlet that is serving in your area.

Return Policy

Pizza is not a good or an item that can be stored for days. It is a perishable food item that is only fair to be eaten when served hot. If you order a pizza from Me-n-ed's you cannot return it. If you make a mistake with your order, you cannot return it or make any changes. However, if the restaurant is at fault, they will happily take responsibility and change your order with the right one. All you need to do is call up the restaurant and inform them about the wrong order delivered.

Things You Should Know Me-n-ed's

Only ordering from Me-n-ed's won't do if you don't know a thing or two about the pizza chain.

  1. The restaurant was first opened in the year 1958 and is located in California.
  2. Me-n-ed's is one of the fastest also one of the oldest growing pizza chains in the whole of the United States with over 60 outlets located at various locations. It has been serving people with its tasty pizzas for over 55 years now.
  3. Me-n-ed's was recognized by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and awarded the Harold Zinkin Entrepreneurship award.
  4. Me-n-ed's has over 1000 employees working to make the restaurant one of the best in the country.
  5. Me-n-ed's provide both dining and take-out services to its not just that, but you can also order online if you want. The restaurant makes sure that your order is delivered to you on time.
  6. The restaurant is mainly famous for its Italian style brick oven baked pizzas that is rich in juicy toppings. They have also bagged an award for their best pizzas.