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Lou Malnati's

If you are a pizza lover then you will remember Lou Malnati's Chicago-style deep dish pizza forever for its flaky, buttery pizza crust, slices of mozzarella cheese and exclusive sausage blend. You get best quality pizza across 56 locations in Chicago and 3 locations in Arizona.

Known for its expertise of culinary mastery in making deep dish pizza pizzas, Lou Malnati's has made its mark in pizza space. On a mission to serve excellent pizzas in Chicago it has created a niche for itself by serving best quality pizzas since 1971.

The passion to serve the best inspires the Malnati's to use finest and freshest ingredients in making pizzas from scratch. In making handmade pizza the company, which is now in hands of second generation following the death of founder Lou Malnati in 1978, gives special attention on procuring vine-ripened tomatoes from California the perfect sweet and tangy taste.

To maintain the trademark taste and originality, the pizza major is getting cheese from same dairy from last 40 years. You will love the family's secret recipe for flaky, buttery crust. The personal touch in the making of the pizza makes not just delicious but lovable.

With over 30 year of experience handling pizza business from start to finish under his sleeve Lou Malnati started the first store 1971 with his wife in Lincolnwood. Following amazing and encouraging response from pizza lovers, Lou launched his second store in suburb by O'Hare Airport. But due to construction activity it didn't get desired response. But perseverance paid, in a year time fortune started sign of change. In short span of time it became of the most popular pizza destination for Chicago people.

Unfortunately, cancer took him early in 1978, but elder son joined mother and took the business forward. Currently it serves at 56 locations across Chicago. It forayed into digital space and made online pizza order and delivery a huge success. You can order any pizza and other food items online and get it delivered by friendly delivery boys in quickest possible time.  

The oldest pizza family of Chicago is serving people of Chicago with dedication and efficiency without interruption.

The hand patted dough with thin crust compliments the delicious toppings of the heartiest pizza, which you can enjoy with knife and fork. The unique pizza making procedure makes it delicious. First the slices of mozzarella cheese are placed directly on the dough then fresh ingredients like onions, mushroom and sausage are spread on top of the cheese. The soft pizza is then topped with a fresh tomato sauce and then sprinkling of cheese and spices. Thedelicious sauce is made using the whole chunks of pear and plum tomatoes.

Carrying forward the Chicago tradition of originality since 1943, the Malnati's uses only freshand finest ingredients in making your beloved pizza. Personal touch is so important to company that it meets tomato and cheese suppliers every year to ensure that the uniqueness remains intact.  The pizza giant pays special attention to the dough.

Since it is all about pizza Lou Malnati's menu is fully loaded with varieties of pizzas that goes well with the taste of Chicago people and of course you get additions just to make your pizza experience great. It has four major categories which include several varieties that would be tough to resist:

  • Deep Dish pizzas,
  • Thin crust pizzas
  • Speciality pizzas
  • Popular combos
  • Hot dogs and sausage
  • Seafood
  • Desserts

Lou Malnati's Student Discount

Lou Malnati's has vast range of deals for all food lovers which they can use while ordering food. Pick any pizza or combos and you will find correspondingoffers to match your taste and mood. There is a separate section of gift cards for all sections and Lou Malnati's makes it sure that you enjoy your favourite pizza at best available price plus discounts. The deals and offers are as delicious as is the pizza. Though there no specific deal for students, but you can avails deals like subscription, events and catering by applying relevant coupons at the checkout page.

All you have to do select your location from the list of available locations and accordingly you will get the list of menu and available offers and discounts. Your locality might be running a grant combo offer that could save your money, handsomely. Just check the website or application and avail special offers. The pizza major gives you reward points on every catering orders. Once you hit the threshold of 350 points you get a $20 Lou Malnati's catering cash rewards code, via email. These coupons are valid one-time use on a future order.

Try and explore combinations so that you could save some money.

Lou Malnati's First Order Discount

Discounts are secondary to the joy of pizza, but it competitive space you will get the max the company could manage to offer. Enjoy the food of Malnati's using online application and you will get handsome offer. It is advisable to spend some time website or application to get best combinations available and additionally the direct discounts. You local store might be running some special day offers, so better check it with the person available on cash counter and place order accordingly. Some time, there is a string chance that you will get two pizzas at the cost of one. In addition to that you can apply any coupon available on any third party platform.

On bulk catering orders you can have those special discounts, which may include free meal as well. Your little alertness could help you save additional 10-20% of the overall cost, if you opt for catering options.

Though Lou Malnati's doesn't have any offer specifically for first order, but you can always check with the website as first time application downloads does get offers from time to time. The cost of pizza might vary depending on the delivery location.

Lou Malnati's  military Discount

Our armedforces, whether serving or retired, must be recognised and applauded for their selfless service when and wherever possible. On special occasions, Malnati's also announces special offers for veterans and their families. All possible offers are valid for armed forces also but it is good if you check with the staff, he will definitely let you know about best possible deals available for you.

If you are in some way related to armedforce take a step and ask for discounts without hesitation. The staff on counter will manage to offer youth best deals apart from the regular discounts. Although, there are no specific offersin the name of military, but you can avail couponjust like others.

Lou Malnati's  Special Discounts

Your favourite pizza destination In Chicago, Lou Malnati's offers you all types of special discounts so that you could enjoy your delicious pizza at reasonable rate with your family and friends. Apart from several cost saving combinations available at Malnati's, you get several special discounts like app download, catering, events, birthdays etc to make your moment memorable. 

If you are hungry and it is some special day, just invest some minutes in exploring whether some suitable deals are available for you or not.You love the food that's why you have reached Malnati's, you will get all possible incentives to make your moment memorable. Select your food keeping the combinations available in real time; this will help you save your money.

If you are planning to host some kind of party, opt for catering service booking as this will help you cut the cost by up to 30% in some cases. Enquire with your local store and he will guide you about the best possible deals available. If you don't have space, then that could also be managed by the team. Deals depend on your location, so ask before you make any booking.

How to use Lou Malnati's Coupon code?

You pizza destination in Chicago, the website or application of Lou Malnati's,offers you several options to save your money. Apart from gift cards, catering reward points you get special combinations as special offers. Apart from the nationwide offers, you get you get location specific offers for special days.

All you have to do is search Lou Malnati's coupon code on Google and you will get result page highlighting available coupons, which normally ranges from 10% to 40% discounts apart from the free meal offers.

If you are a registered user, you will reward points with a minimum threshold limit to redeem coupons on your next order. Your smartness and awareness will help you save those precious dollars which you will love with delicious pizza served hot on your table or at your door steps.

How Lou Malnati's  is unique?

Upholding the tradition of Chicago trust and quality, Malnati's offers your several unique features which are rarity in this era marketing driven brilliance. It serves quality pizza with commitment. Some of the uniqueness is the handmade approach from scratch to finish. The use of the finest and freshest ingredients in most transparent manner makes sit adorable. The procurement mechanism with focus on freshness and originality helps it select California vine-ripened tomatoes for the perfect sweet and tangy taste sauce along with best grade fresh mozzarella cheese that comes from traditional dairy. Another unique element is the treatment of dough, as it is family's secret recipe for flaky, buttery crust. Your pizza experience will force you look for same standards wherever you move. 

The most important factor is the dedicated staffs who believe in not just in making best pizza but making it memorable for you. The loyalty quotient of staffs is so high that even nest of the business cannot emulate it. The uniqueness is in the quality ingredients used in making pizza and delivering it with highest level of passion of love for food.  The custom pizza is one of the most remarkable features as this allows you to customize select dough, ingredients and sauces according to your own taste.

Why you should choose Lou Malnati's

If you are in Chicago and want to taste pizza then you have to be here to enjoy the best. Thousands of people order deep dish pizza on daily basis because they love the quality, deliciousness and most importantly the treatment. The geographical presence across 56 locations makes it one of the most easily accessible points for quickest delivery of finest pizza.

The ‘custom pizza' feature is there if you want to try your own pizza making skill. The vast range of pizzas available in deep dish, thin crust and speciality category along with ingredients option helps you make a perfect pizza. The combo available on the website helps you save some money.

Lou Malnati's Shopping Tips

If you are a hardcore pizza lover, you can try Malnati's for wide-range of varieties available here. Apart from available ranges, you can try custom pizza making in simple steps by selecting dough, ingredients, and toppingsof your choice. If you start trying pizzas one by one every day, you might come back on same item after a year. So, here is some of the tip to help you get the best that suits you:

  • First thing first, stick to your taste. Everything is not for everyone, some like it loaded some like it light, some are on calorie control mode some on taste drive. So, try according to your preferences.
  • Add some appetiser, deserts and drinks to make your meal full some.
  • You will get best pizza taste, but do care to add some additional happiness by availing discounts and offers available in real time. Don't forget to apply your coupon code at the checkout page.

Lou Malnati's Shipping Policy

With perfection at the core, company leaves no room for mistakes as it is all about satiating hunger in simplest possible manner. Enjoy your online presence with best pizzas available in Chicago. To make it simple for you, you have a well designed website and application so that you could place order in simple steps and get your food delivered in time.

There is no room of compromise on customer satisfaction, so feel free to share your feedback. It is of great value for the company in enhancing the service further.

Lou Malnati's return Policy

Lou Malnati's will bringyour best pizza right to your door steps. Your purchase will be delivered fresh and direct from oven by delivery boys so that you could enjoy your food. There is no reason to ask for return. You will love the simple ordering and payment system.

Only possibility of return is the chances in mismatch of order delivery. Company believes in enriching your Chicago food experience, so kindly check the order cart before place your order.

Things you should know about Lou Malnati's

  • Lou Malnati's is serving the pizza industry since 2071 without interruptions. The quality of food delivered is unmatchable for its quality.
  • You can enjoy best deep dish pizza at 56 stores across Chicago. You can also place your order online through website and app and get warm pizza delivered at your doorsteps.
  • You can select pizza of your choice with wide variety of ingredients and topping or alternatively chooses ‘custom pizza” option to order pizza of your own dough, ingredients and toppings.
  • It is advisable to avail maximum by opting for best combinations and applying discounts coupons available on website.
  • Don't forget to apply coupon codes at checkout point to avail additional discounts.

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