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Limited time only. While supplies last. Valid at Participating locations. Valid Mondays - Thursdays for online ordering only


$17.99 Only
Limited Time Offer at Ledo Pizza! Get 14 Inch Cheese Pizza, 1/2 Lb Boneless Wings and 2 Fountain Drinks for $17.99.Additional Toppings at Extra Cost! No Coupon Code Needed!


$5 Only
Limited Time Offer!! Get Square Pizza Deal For $5.NO Coupon Code Needed.


$5 Only
Get 8 Inch Cheese Only Ledo Pizza For $5.No Coupon Code needed to redeem this Offer.


$5 Carryout Deals at Ledo Pizza.No Coupon Code or Promo Code Needed.Limited Time Offer. Enjoy $5 Square deals menu...


$29.99 ONLY
Stunning Offer! Take 18" 1-Topping Pizza, Italian Salad & 6 Jumbo Wings For Just $29.99. Not Valid For Online Ordering. Only Limited Period. Go & Enjoy It....


Surprising! Get Free $5 Card on your every order exceeds $25 and enjoy the LEDO Gift Cards..


Wow! Get Free Mini Pizza Box on your order and enjoy the Gift Cards..Offers only available in online orders..


Ledo Pizza  

Food is said to be the fuel of the human body and good food is the demand of hungry stomach and stubborn tongue. If we compare all the food items in this world, then Pizza is our go-to food. There are few people in this world who say no to Pizza. This is the one solution to all our hunger problems. If you too are one of those persons who love pizza a lot, then you must be aware of the brand called Ledo Pizza. This restaurant is like heaven for all the Pizza lovers out there. The popularity of this brand is not just because of the taste of the pizza that it makes, but also because of the service and deals that it provides its customers. If you are a regular customer of this brand then you must be aware of the deals and discounts that they give to their customers. Let us see the menu of this brand in detail.

  • To start with, there are several sections or categories mentioned on the menu. You have to go to each section separately if you want to know about the food items in detail. In the beginning, the detail of the food items is not given. When you will click on the name of the section, then another page will open. On that page, you will find the name of the related items. You can choose your favourite dish on this list.
  • If we talk about the first appearance of the menu then you will just get the name of various sections. This can give you the information about the categories of food items that are there in the menu. For example, from the first page of the menu, you can know that you can get pizza, salads, calzones or Stromboli, cheesesteaks subs and sandwiches, classic subs and sandwiches, entrees, soups and beverages from this restaurant. After this you need to click on the option names and another page will open. In this page, you will get to know about the details of the subcategories. The ingredients used in the making of each dish will be mentioned there. Thus, you can choose one dish of your choice.
  • Apart from these sections, there areseparate kids sections. In this section, the items that are mentioned are specially prepared for kids only. In this section also the ingredient list is written. You can have a look at that and can choose a dish according to your kid likes.
  • Apart from this, there is a catering menu also, that could be referred by those who want the brand to come to their place for providing the food service at any special occasion. This brand is a complete package and this is the reason a person becomes its fan if he visits them for once. Following are some more details about this brand.

Student discount at Ledo Pizza

We all love discounts and if the discount is on our favourite food then that becomes the happiest thing in the whole world. This is something that can make any human being happy, but for students, discounts become a necessity. They get a limited amount of pocket money and in that limited amount of money, they have to do a lot of things. In this case, they always compromise on their food expenses to save some extra bucks. Ledo Pizza understands this problem of students very well and this is the reason that they provide special student discount to all the school going and university students.

If we talk about these discounts in detail then they keep on changing from time to time. If you are a student and want to take advantage of this discount then you will have to keep yourself updated. These changes in the discount depend on various occasions and events. This also depends on the institution you are studying. There are several college students who enjoy a special discount at Ledo Pizza. So, if you really want to enjoy this discount then either you visit their store or you can go to their official website.

First order discount at Ledo Pizza

Each and every customer is special for any store owner. They are the one on which the growth of any business is dependent. Therefore, they should be treated as God. This is the policy that almost every store owner follows and probably this is the reason that they give a special discount to the customer who comes to their store for the first time. atLedo Pizza also, you get a discount if you are visiting the store for the first time. This discount could be availed on the online orders also. Whenever you place an order they ask you to fill all the necessary details in various columns provided. These details are kept in the record of the company. So, if you are placing the order for the first time then they will come to know about it and thus will give you the discount required. It is clear from this thing that if you want to take the advantage of this offer, time and again, then you won't be able to do so as the company has recorded all your data. The offers for first order discount keeps on changing and you will know about it when you will try to place your first order.

Military discount at Ledo Pizza

Each and every customer is important, but there are some people who deserve more respect and love. These special people are our soldiers who are always there to protect us and even sacrifice their lives for us. These military mean deserve special treatment and this is probably the reason that Ledo Pizza gives a special discount to them.  If you too are from the army and have come home on vacation, go grab a pizza from this brand and enjoy the maximum discount benefits.

Special discount at Ledo Pizza

Apart from these discounts, there are some other special discounts that Ledo Pizza offers to its customers. These discounts are not fixed and keep on changing according to the occasions. For example, they provide a special discount in the month of February as they celebrate this month as the customer appreciation month.

Apart from this, there are several personalized discounts also that are provided to the old customers on their birthdays, anniversaries etc. to get the benefits of these types of discounts you will have to register your email id with them. They will send you the notification related to the discounts on that email address.

How to use the coupon code at Ledo Pizza?

The use of coupon code is very easy at this pizza brand, but for using this you first need to know the means from which the coupon code is earned. You cannot use the coupon code that you got online on the orders that you are doing offline. Same applies to the offline coupon codes also. Now, if we talk about the ways in which any coupon code could be earned, then there are many. One simple method to get a coupon for your future order is that you will have to place the order of some large amount. Now, you have to ask the store manager about the amount of money that can let you get a coupon for your further orders.  

How Ledo Pizza is unique?

There is not much to say about the uniqueness of this brand as you could find this after taking one bite of the pizza that this brand gives to its customers. However, this is one of the leading pizza brands and all those who love pizza love this brand. They have a lot of varieties in Pizzas and along with that, they have other food options also. so, it is a complete package and the perfect place to hang out with your friends and family.

Why choose Ledo Pizza?

As mentioned earlier, this brand has a lot of food options and thus it becomes one of the best places to hang out with your family and friends. They have something for everyone. So, people with different food choices can come here happily and can enjoy their favourite meal. Even if you are a vegetarian or a vegan this brand has options for you. Along with this, you can choose this brand for catering purpose. If you are throwing a party and want to add Pizza to the menu, you can contact this brand and can make your party's menu lovable to all your guests.

Shopping tips for Ledo Pizza

  • Like every other brand, there are few tips that one should follow to shop from Ledo Pizza.
  • The first thing you need to do is to log in to their official website. This will help you in getting all the discount related notifications.
  • Follow this brand on their various social media handles. There is a contest going on always on these platforms. You can participate in these and can win vouchers.
  • They have a policy that if you tell your friend about them and bring them with you at their store then they will give you a discount on your next offer. So, try to do this if you want to earn some more discounts.
  • Never forget your ID card before going to their store. It is definite that they provide a student discount to every student that comes to their store and if you do not have your ID card then you will miss it.

Shipping policy of Ledo Pizza

There is not any specific policy of this brand and it also follows almost the same policy to ship their order to their customers. However, if we talk about it precisely, then before ordering from them, one should always keep this thing in mind that they are ordering the Pizza from the outlet that is there in their area. If you are not doing so, they might not deliver the order to you.

The return policy of Ledo Pizza

It is very obvious that brands like this do not have a specific return policy. However, they can find a solutionto the problem if its customer faces any. The highest possibility of any wrong happening is when the order gets exchanged or a customer receives a wrong order. They can fix this issue and they can take action on the person responsible for it. In the case of late delivery also, they do not return the food, but the boy who delivers has to pay the money from his pocket. It depends on you whether you want to pay for it or not.

Things you should know about Ledo Pizza

Following are the things that you should know about this brand:

  • Ledo Pizza is a food brand in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States that deals mainly in Pizza. This is a restaurant chain and there are several other states where one can find its joints.
  • It was founded by Thomas Marcos and Robert Beall in the year 1995 which is almost 64 years ago. The first restaurant was opened in Annapolis and the headquarters of this restaurant is also at the same place.
  • Till 23 November 2016, this restaurant had opened about 103 joints of itself in across the whole world.
  • If we talk about the menu or the kind of food that is provided by this restaurant then there are a lot of options for the customers to explore. They can eat pizza, pasta, salads; can drink beverages and many other things at this brand. They have a separate section for kids, vegetarians, and vegans.
  • Along with the good quality food they provide the customers withgreat service too and this main reason behind their popularity. They are so famous, that most of the people now call them for the catering services also.

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