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Imo's Pizza

Imo's Pizza is a well-known Pizzeria famous for servingthe historic Italian cuisines and Pizza to theChesterfield Valley and Clarkson Valley societies. Imo's Pizza – Chesterfield, MO is owned and maintained by Chesterfield Pizza which in turn is owned and managed by Mike Riggio for 32 years.

Imo's Pizza in Chesterfield is a self-maintained franchise of Imo's Franchising, Inc.  Imo's is a St. Louis founded U.S. pizza chain which has around more than 90 locations throughout Missouri, Illinois and Kansas.  On November 2015, Imo's Pizza was ranked the 32nd largest pizza chain in the country.

Imo's Pizza offers a wide variety in its menu for appetizers, salads, pizza, Italian cuisines and desserts.  Also offer:

  • Dine-in
  • Carry-out
  • Delivery
  • Catering

Imo's Pizza opened their very first pizza store in the year of 1964 at Thurman and Shaw Avenues in Saint Louis. It used to open in the evenings only, offering only pick-up and delivery. Ed the founder of Imo's Pizza continued to work in the day timeas a tile setter, and in the night as cutting squares of linoleum and pizza. Imo's Pizza's first kitchen contained of a second-handused oven, two fridges and a cooktop they bought for $75.

Imo's Pizza spent an amount more than $5 million over the last two years to buy and renew several stores downtown to serve as the home base for the betterment of company's growth.Part of their marketing strategy that is pizza is fun, so Imo's Pizza try to be fun,” ESM Marketing STL moved its 9 employees from Olivette to office space at Imo's main headquarters complex. The company has grown a large number of followers and criticism — for the user of its provel cheese, a processed blend of Swiss, provolone and cheddar. Some repulse the cheese but the cheese also has a commending fan base. From barely a room at its downtown head office, they havemade $21,000 in sales in a day for their frozen pizzas that are sold as goodies and delivered on dry ice. Imo's Pizza now gets orders from all 50 states of the US and frequently had to turn down its international orders. Imo's Pizza had not added any new restaurants in years for the reason that it lacked the warehouse and distribution abilities to tackle more new restaurants. Nowas they have added space, they can buy ingredients and materials in bigger quantities, which leads to savings that are passed on to the other franchisees.As the company adds new equipment and volume to its 72,000-square-foot warehouse that aids as a distribution point, Imo's Pizza is at the same time spending $2.5 million in expanding its manufacturing facility in Waterloo, this is the place where its pizza shells, sausage and salad dressings are manufactured.The high demand ofprovel cheese which was sold at the retailer's shops helped boost up Imo's Pizza to make a revenue of $135 million, which was a huge growth from $118 million in the year of 2015. 

Imo's Pizza Student Discount:

Though the discounts are not categorized based on students that the Imo's Pizza company offer, but there are many other discounts that can be availed on offline stores as well as online websites.

Imo's Pizza has a wide range of offers in their different type of exclusive pizzas orders which students can avail while ordering from a store near you. The deals and offers are attractive and beneficial for our every student customer.

Though, we would recommend to checkImo's Pizza's official website frequently asked questions to look if the companyupdated their student discount coupons. You may also look for more food and beverages brands that offer student deals. Now, pizza parties anywhere and everywhere are more exciting with such amazing special discounts from Imo's. There are many students from high school to senior grade who are availing the discount at Imo's so hurry up avail your discount now. Students can also avail discount on their first order per valid ID per person as first-time gesture for the students. Imo's Pizza also has offers such as deal of the day, so make sure to check your nearest store and grab the amazing deals of the day.

Imo's Pizza First Order Discount

Are you ordering pizza from Imo's Pizza for the first time? You will be amazed with the offers and discount provided for first-time ordering customers. Before you place any order, please do not forget to check out their websites for any latest discounts or coupons. Imo's Pizza is popular among the pizza-lovers because of their remarkable discounts and is also among the top start rated pizza stores in the nation. They provide certain deals where you can getdeals like buy and one get 50% Off on another Extra-Large Pizza and two Large topping Pizza & More only for $22.95. Check out the menu and you will find the deals, mentioned there. Use those coupons while ordering pizza if you are a first-time customer at Imo's Pizza.

Local store near you also runs special offers on special days such as festive season and national holiday discounts. Also, while checking the official website of Imo's Pizza, you may not find anything as a ‘First-order discount', but don't be disheartened. Check out the deals and discounts and use those while ordering your first pizza.

This discount offers are changeable and update per the Imo's Pizza policy, so you would need to check the website before ordering. Unlike the previous discount, this is available on the online orders too.

Imo's Pizza Military Discount:

As per our latest check, Imo's Pizza does not seem to offer a military discount for veterans and active duty service members. However, we would always recommend checking Imo's Pizza customer care service page to check out if they've updated their military discount policies.

Imo's Pizza has a strong respect for our blue-collar men and women of the US army on the occasion Army Day or Veterans DayImo'sPizza offers general discounts which are applicable for all military personnel by displaying a valid ID. By discounting on franchise fees, the costdown just enough to make our army personal smile.

Imo'sPizza Special Discount

Imo's Pizzaoffers you amazing pizzaswith amazing special discounts. That's not it, but the special discounts of Imo's Pizza will bring a smile to your face. In-Store you can get 2 Large 2-Topping Pizza for just $27.95.

$10 for $20 Imo's Pizza Gift Cards (Get Up to 50% Off with Instant Delivery).Deal at Imo's Pizza can be used multiple times until it expires, this need to check on the website or a store near you before availing the discount. You can also get Imo's Pizza exclusive deals by signing in with your valid email ID and get emailsregarding Imo's Pizzaexclusive offers and news.

How to use Imo's Pizza Coupon code?

Sign upat Imo's official website to make your own Imo's profileand receive emails regarding Imo's Pizza exclusive offers and news.Register with your valid login ID details if you are logging in for the first time, click on sign up button. Here, you will get a list of discount coupons. If you have a coupon code, then this is the place you could use it while ordering food online.

You can also login to their website coupon partners and grab a coupon code and you also need to verify the category for online or offline orders which may vary based on the coupon or discount. Once you have the code login to the website with your Imo's profile and apply for your discount. Do visit the policies page to keep yourself updated.

How Imo's Pizza Is Unique?

The website name Culinary recognized the “square beyond compare” of Imo's Pizza as one the best Pizza in United States among the 26 on total.Unlike other methods of cooking, the St. Louis formswitches yeast for the baking powder in itsthin crust, which produces a cracker-like constancyand the importance of saltines in the best way possible.

Whether it be Pizza or Sandwiches, move to the Saint. Louis area and their Pizza is always different. They use Provel cheese and a very thin crust. They do have great Salads and Sandwiches with their unique sauce. So be ready for a pizza with a real and unique taste.

Why You Should ChooseImo's Pizza?

This pizza at Imo's is quiteunique and certainly would be liked by your taste buds. This is anything but a super-thin crispy pizza with a funky cheese sauce unlike any other pizza you've had, you will never be disappointed.The Provel cheese is funky and tasty, so order your pizza the right way, extra cheese and with one topping you may also choose sausage. The pizza at Imo's is served sliced in squares and you will love how the inner crust of the pizza is NOT soggy.

You can also choose from their signature thin crust pizza or St Louis style toasted ravioli. No matter what you order you will be well fed and happy.

Imo's Pizza shopping tips

Imo's Pizza has theironline official website. By logging into the website,you can look at the menu and add ample number of products to their ordering cart.

  • You can always check out the official website of Imo's Pizza for any deals on combos or meals also for discounts of the day. Website contains multiple menus items highlighted on top of the website.
  • You can Customize your own Pizza by clicking on the Menu item and selecting your favorite Pizza among our vast Menu available just for you.
  • You can choose fresh delicious Pizza with their authentic Italian taste on Pizzas menu on online as well as on offline stores.
  • Imo's Pizza has their most their outlets which accepts cards as well cash for your convenience.
  • Imo's Pizza also offer Gift Cards named as Imo's Gift cards and many other goodies.
  • Imo's Pizza only deliver Pizzas on TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS.

Imo's Pizza Shipping Policy:

Imo's only ship on twice in the week i.e. TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS.

If you make an order on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or a Friday, your order is likely to be shipped on Tuesday of the coming week. If you make an order over the weekend i.e. Saturday, Sunday your order is likely to be shipped on Wednesday of the same week.

If the order you made ships on Tuesday, it is expected to be arrive on Thursday. If order you made ships on a Wednesday, it is expected to arrive on Friday. Imo's Pizza use UPS on 2nd Day Air. For many states, there is also a two-day Ground delivery.

Imo's Pizza return Policy

There is no return policy for Imo'sPizzamentioned by the company but in a scenariowherethe delivered Pizza isa case of a rotten or wrong delivered product that can surely be replaced or adjusted for future orders as agreed with the customer. So, make sure you order carefully. Fore more information please do not forget to read outthe terms and policy of the company on theirofficial website for any change in the return policy if any.

Things You Should Know about Imo's Pizza

  • Imo's Pizza has over 90 stores, most located in Saint Louis region, with a dozen other franchiseein the entire Missouri, including Springfield and Kansas City.
  • Imo's pizza signature dish is the Provel cheese a thin crust Pizza, and square slices and their fresh, never frozen ingredients piled along the edges, their homemade unique sauce and their never-endingdedication to the customers.
  • Their Store hours are Mon – Fri 8 AM to 4PM and close on Wednesdays.
  • Imo's only ship on twice in the week i.e. TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS.
  • Provel was primarily made in Wisconsin by the Hoffman Company, and though there are different accounts of who actually came up with this, the Hoffman brothers used to work with Saint Louisans to produce it. Hoffman is now possessed by a subsidiary of Kraft.
  • Imo's Pizza's each franchise uses approximately 25,000 pounds of Provelin a year.
  • Imo's Pizza first franchisee was opened inthe year of1985.
  • Imo's Pizza is recorded to sell more than 5 million pizzas per year.
  • Imo's unique sauce is slowly cooked for 4 hours before its ready to go on the crust, which reduces the acidity of the sauce.
  • The most selling Pizza of Imo's are sausage and bacon Pizza and another one is Sausage Pizza.

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