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Godfather's pizza

With more than 550 locations spread across 36 different states of US, the Godfather's pizza is definitely among the topmost pizzeria in the country. The pizza parlor came into existence by chance, when Willy Theisen started cooking for his friends and started selling it to neighbors, as per the back story on the company website. It was the year 1973 when the first of the shop opened and it has been going strong despite several ups and downs in between. The menu is not just abundant but quite scrumptious too attracting people from all over.

Let us now look at their menu options.

Depending on whether you are choosing the traditional or the express options, the menu might slightly vary. The menu will also have slight variations depending on the locality from which you are making the order.

  • Pizza/ Specialty pies: There are five different sizes of pizzas offered by Godfather's pizza namely the mini, small, medium, large and jumbo. There are 16 different options to choose from where the toppings vary from different meats to different veggies based on the option you choose. You can also choose the crust for the pizza from original, pan style referred to as golden, mozza loaded and the thin crust. You can choose any sauce from marinara, taco, ranch, garlic parmesan, pesto, sweet chili and BBQ. If you want you can create your own pizza using the different toppings of your choice. There are also dips and drizzles like Bleu cheese, ranch, BBQ, etc. that can be added to the pizza if you wish. There is also an option for a gluten free pizza if you want. The Ultimate party pizza is designed to serve 15 people and is available only for takeout and dine-in.
  • Sides: There is a whole array of sides that you can order from. There are bread sticks, cheese sticks, Garlic bread, Potato wedges, Calzones, Wings (both bone-in and boneless), monkey bread, big chocolate chip cookie, Dessert pizza and more. The Calzones are offered in flavors of all meat, combo, bacon cheeseburger, pepperoni and the wings are available either in half pound or full pound. The monkey bread, cookie and dessert pizza are your sweet desserts which are again available in different sizes and different flavors for you to choose from.
  • Soft drinks like Coca Cola and milk are available for those who are looking for some beverages.
  • Express menu features the sides and pizzas, but not all of them in the traditional menu. It also has the value deals which can easily be the best solution when you are dining out with your family. You can also go with the combo meals in the express menu that has wings and pizza in it.

Irrespective of whether you choose the traditional stores or the express stores, you will find that there is no change in the taste of the pizzas or pies that you order from Godfather's pizza. They take extreme care in offering you the freshest and the best pizza they can.

Student discount at Godfather's pizza

The Godfather's pizza has been offering mouthwatering dishes with deals that are equally delicious. You can check out their official coupons page to get more details on the different discounts and offers that are currently on the run. Given that students are generally given a discount at pizzerias, you might wonder if the same is the case with the Godfather's pizza as well. If you are a student and you want to get a good deal on your pizza at Godfather's pizza, then you just have to look up the daily deals rather than searching for specific coupons exclusive to students.

As of today, the website or the company information does not give any confirmation on discounts that are specific to students in any university or college or school. And yet there might be a case where the outlet in your locality is offering a discount to the students in the school or college in that particular location. We would therefore recommend that you check the details with your local outlet on possible discounts for students before making a purchase. Even with the other deals apart from student discounts you have chances of getting your money's worth at Godfather's pizza.

First order discount at Godfather's pizza

Discounts are available in plenty when you are shopping at the Godfather's pizza. From discounts that get you a flat amount or percentage off on the total price to discounts that will get you freebies, you can get many different options at Godfather's. However they currently do not offer any discount or deal that are specific and exclusive to buyers who are purchasing for the first time. If you are a first time customer at the pizzeria, you may want to check with the outlet you are buying at on the possible deals that can help you make the best out of your bill.

First order discounts are not offered currently as part of the policies by Godfather's pizza. We do not find any mention of the same in the home page or the customer service page of the pizzeria online. You can however check with the outlet where you are planning to buy if they are running any promotional offer for the first time buyers. You can also check the company website at the time of ordering to see if there has been any change in the company policy that will help you get a discount on the first order.

Military discounts at Godfather's pizza

Military discounts are the offers that are extended only to the families and the persons who are currently serving in the armed forces or those who are veterans. As per the latest updated information on the website of Godfather's pizza there are no discounts or deals that are available only to the people in military and their families. However during Veterans Day there might be offers in your local outlet for which you can get in touch with them to know more. You can also check the company website to see if there has been any change to their current policy on military discounts.

Special discounts at Godfather's pizza

There are many every day deals that you will find when you look up the website of Godfather's pizza. They have deals that will get you discounted price or freebies based on what you are looking to order. While there may not be specific discounts to specific set of people, there are deals available for everyone to have a sumptuous meal without having to dent a hole in their wallet. You can check the Deals page on the main website to know what is in store for you on that day and place your order accordingly.

How to use the coupon code for Godfather's pizza?

The coupon or promo codes, which are generally alphanumeric, can be quite handy when you are looking to get yourself the best deal on the Godfather's pizza. Be it offline or online, you can use these coupons to get hefty discounts on your meal order. You can print these coupons and use them when you dine-in or take away from the Godfather's pizza. Just hand it over at the time of billing to use it.

If you want to use these coupon codes online, you can do that too. You simply have to use them at the time of checkout. Before that, you have to order, that is add the items that you want to buy onto your shopping cart. Then you can view the cart page where you will find the box for inputting the coupon code. Enter the code here, click on the apply button and enjoy the deal.

How is Godfather's pizza unique?

Godfather's pizza has two different options in their stores, the traditional menu that is available in the dine-in stores and the express menu where you can get the pizzas delivered on the go. The company claims to offer a wholesome meal made of premium ingredients and fresh dough that is bound to make you look for more. The value deals are the most distinctive factor in the Godfather's pizza where you can get value for money when ordering for a larger group of people. These are quite handy when you are in a hurry and you want to save on money.

Why should you choose Godfather's pizza?

There are many reasons why Godfather's pizza is ranked among the best pizzas in the country, the most important being the taste which is all thanks to the sauce and flavor of fresh ingredients in every pizza and pie. Additionally there are deals that will ensure that you get your money's worth every time you order from them which is another reason why you should go for pizzas from Godfather's pizza. There is an official coupon page which promises you the best value deal and the gift cards offer you the best gift for any occasion.

Shopping tips

  • If you are looking to shop at Godfather's pizza at a discounted price, then you should first look for the coupons. You can either get them in the official coupons page of the company or you can look them up online. They can guarantee you a free or a discounted meal at the Godfather's pizza.
  • We would also suggest that you go for the value meals that are mentioned on the online page that gives you a taste of the different menu options without burdening your pocket and is best for a family meal.
  • There is a separate section called deals on their website which will give you the latest update on the different deals running for the day or you can simply refer their homepage for the best offer on table.
  • There is also the rewards program that will give you points as you buy which can be later redeemed for more pizza.

Shipping policy

Shipping is not an option with Godfather's pizza but there are delivery charges that are applicable with each of the delivery they make. You can check on the charges for each delivery as it will vary based on the distance and location. There are therefore no shipping charges but you can always check out on the latest information regarding shipping on their website's customer service page. Currently though there is no information regarding shipping and there is definitely no free delivery option offered unless it is part of a deal. If you can get a coupon or promo offer with free delivery, then you can use the same.

Return policy

Given that the pizzeria deals with perishable items, there are no returns taken in and hence you will not find any guidelines or policies detailing the return process. However in case of orders getting mixed up or not living up to your expectations, you can take it up with the management of the respective outlet who will offer you a solution. Most of the times it is possible for an exchange in case of a wrong delivery but there are no returns or refunds processed at Godfather's pizza. You can check the website for more details regarding their policies in this regard.

Things you should know about Godfather's pizza

  • Godfather's pizza now has presence in about 36 states in the country and yet when it was started the founder did not have any idea on starting a pizzeria. It happened by accident in 1973 when the pizzas he made by his friends were sought out by the neighbors on a price. There has been no turning back since then and only growth over the years.
  • They were the first to spearhead an ad campaign featuring interracial comedy. The year was 1988 when the commercial on Studney twins featuring a white middle aged man and a black young man was aired.
  • The humble pizza found on the menu is humble only by name but is quite expansive in terms of the ingredients. There is also a hot stuff pizza which lives up to its name in terms of hotness and taste. These are signature dishes of Godfather's pizza menu.
  • The advertisements on Godfather's pizza have always been demanding the viewers to like what they offer. While it did not go well with many, it did create an impression in the crowd and has earned it the place among the top 15 pizza chains in the country.