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5% Off
Offer applicable only in IN and IL Locations.


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5% Off
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Great Deal
Enthu! Enthu! Enthu! Yes, Take Pizza & Endless Salad For Just $19.95. Dine-In Only. Offers valid "Monday- Thursday" Only. Go & Grab it...


Huge Combo Offer in Antony's Coal Fired Pizza! Get 16" Specialty Pizza+Large Salad for $30! No Coupon Code Needed!


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Get 1 Medium Pizza With One Topping Pizza for $17.99! Use the Coupon Code to Get this Offer!


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Drink Beer Day Special Offer at Minsky's Pizza! Dine-In Only! Available starting September 28th! Don't Miss it!


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Get a Meal Combo or Large Bacon Cheeseburger for $17.99 at Godfather's Pizza! Use the Coupon Code to Get this Offer.


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$25 Only
The Pack includes 2 small specialty pies & pretzel bites . Available on Wednesdays only. Valid at participating locations only.No Coupon Code Required.


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Enjoy Football Season! Enjoy Free Wings With Large Pizza Purchase. Only Valid For Game Days Sunday, Monday & Thursday Only. Only limited time. Enjoy it....


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Popular Giordanos Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
5% Off Coupon $5 Off on purchase of $35 or above
5% Off Coupon 5% Off on all orders
$10 Off Coupon $10 Off on purchase of $40 or above
20% Off Deal 20% Off on all orders
Great Deal Deal Grab Pizza & Endless Salad For Just $19.95


Pizza is that one food item, you cannot say no, but there are few people in this world who do not like it. If you have a friend like that, then there comes the time, when either you or he needs to compromise with the food choices. So, in a nutshell, we all need a place that can serve different food items along with tasty pizzas.

Giordano is one of those places that is specialized in pizza but have the option of other food items also. This brand has different salad and pasta options, which is equally tasty. It is based in Chicago and was founded by two brothers who were natives of Italy. It was founded in the year 1974, in the month of February and right from that point it is serving us the same good pizzas. Let us look at the menu and other things of this brand in detail.

  • The first noticeable thing in the menu of this pizza company is that they claim that they pick the ingredients of the dishes fresh from the farm and when you taste the pizzas or other dishes, you can feel this. So, this is a very big thing as nowadays, no brand cares about the freshness of the food.
  • Since this brand is based in based in Chicago, the pizzas that are made here is also Chicago style. The specialty of these pizzas is that they have a crust that is stuffed. If you look at the menu closely, then you will come to know that there are three categories of Pizzas. The first one is the famously stuffed pizzas, the second one is the thin crust,hand-stretched pizzas and the third one is theextra thin crispy crust pizza. If you want to see them more precisely, then you need to download the PDF menu of this brand. There you can see all the details. You can even get the details of the ingredients used for making each pizza and thus it will help you in deciding your order.
  • Apart from the pizzas, you can see the option of starters,sandwiches,classic Italian dishes, salads, and desserts. Along with that, you have various lunch options too. These options are actually special combo meals that this brand provides. You can directly order this combo and this will serve your hungry appetite completely.

So, the menu of Giordano tells us a lot about this brand. It tells us that this brandis not just focused upon the taste of the food, but also focuses on the quality of things that are used in the making of it. If you want to be double sure about this thing, then you can go the “see what has people talking” section and can read the reviews that the customers have written for this brand. If you too are in a search of a brand that has a lot of food items in their menu, then do come to this place once and your search will be complete. Following are some more details about deals and discounts related to this brand.

Student discount at Giordano

It is said that the student life is the best life in a human being's life. The thing that makes this life best is the time that we spend with our friends and the memories that we create. These memories are incomplete without the good food, but in this period of our life, it is very difficult to get good food outside the house as they cost a lot and we do not have that much of money.

Giordano understands this pain of the students in the best way and this is probably the reason that they run a forever student discount for the children studying at universities and various schools. You just need to bring your ID card with yourself and you are sorted. So, if your birthday is near and you are a student and you want to throw a party for your friends, then you can come to Giordano without thinking twice. They have got some really cool deals for you and your friends. Never forget to bring your ID card with yourself as the name of your school or university will decide the amount of your discount. Log in to their official site for getting the notification about the best deals.

First order discount at Giordano

There are a lot of discounts that you can come across in your daily life, but that one discount that each and every store gives to their customers is the first order discount. By this discount, they express their gratitude towards the one who is responsible for the growth of their business. If we talk about this particular brand, then they too provide this discount to their customers. However, the discount offer keeps on changing time to time.

If you have not visited Giordano, then you have missed some big things in your life. Not just the taste of the food at this place is good, but also the deals that they give to their customers. Therefore, every pizza lover should come and visit this place. Each outlet of Giordano gives this discount to the customers who come to their store for the first time. If you thinking that you can get the benefit of this offer time and again, then you are totally wrong as they have all the records of customers and therefore it is not easy to get this discount again.

Military discount at Giordano

It is our duty to give special treatment to those who are always there to protect us from each and every problem. These are none otherthan the people of the military. These people are always there for us, is it a sudden attack from our enemy or the after effects of any natural calamity.

Giordano has got a really special way to pay homage to these brave men. They give a special discount to these people and their family member on the occasion of army day and other national festivals. If a person from the military wants to avail this discount, he or she will just have to bring his ID and they will provide a free lunch to them on a particular day.

Special discount at Giordano

Although, each and every discount that you get here are special, there are some more discounts that one can get apart from the one mentioned in the list above. These discounts can be seen on the occasion of different festivals like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Halloween, Valentine's Day and other events. With the change of date, events, occasions,and festivals the discount offer also get changed.

If you want some personalized discounts, then you can log in to their official website. There you can submit the dates of your special days and then they will contact you on that particular day.

How to use the coupon code at Giordano?

You first need to know how to get a coupon code at Giordano. The process of getting a coupon code for you is very easy. It could be earned either by ordering a particular amount of food or by winning a particular contest that they run on their various social media handles. The coupon code that you have earned from any contest can be used both for online and offline orders. However, the coupon code that you have earned from online orders could be used only on online orders and the one that you have got from offline orders can only be used on your orders that you place at the restaurant. For the offline coupon code, you need to show the coupon to the cashier at the billing counter and for the online order, you need to write the code at the place provided at the time of payment.

How Giordano is unique

There are a lot of things that can make you believe that this brand is unique in every way. The first reason is obviously the taste of its food. Apart from this, the brand is known for the amazing ways in which the food is prepared here. This is a brand that is specialized in Pizzas, but they have other food items too in their menu. Therefore, it is one of the best places to hang out with your friends.

Why choose Giordano?

You will get the answer to this question, once you taste the pizzas of Giordano. Apart from the tasty pizzas, the reason for choosing this brand is that they provide the best services and deals to their customers. Not only this, but they also are into the catering business and are doing quite well in that also. So people are not just going to their restaurant, but are also calling them to their place to serve on their big days.

Shopping tips for Giordano

This is a very fair company and always has some sort of discount running for their customers and thus it becomes easy for them to shop from here. However, some tricks and tips for saving more money are never that bad. So, following are few of the things that you should follow if you too want to save some extra money while shopping from this brand.

  • We have already mentioned that there is some sort of discount going on every time and to know about that discount, you should sign in to their official website. So, whenever you are feeling the hunger of a pizza you can check your notification box and then can decide whether you want to visit them or not.
  • You are a regular customer and you have already availed the first order discount. In this case, you just need to take that one person from a family who have not visited this place before. Ask the cashier to make the bill on the name of your family member and enjoy the first order discount.

Shipping policy of Giordano

There is no specific shipping policy of this brand, but they deliver the product that you have ordered at the given time. They are very particular about this thing and are known for their quick deliveries. One and only strict rule that they follow for shipping, is that they do not deliver to the outer areas. So, make sure that you are ordering to the outlet of your area only, else you won't get your food. Also, there are some of the outlets that do not deliver. You will have to go to pick your order up.

The return policy of Giordano

If we talk about Giordano, then it very clear that this is a food brand that sale readymade food items. So, returning these products is not possible, but the company makes sure that they fix the issues that any of the customers face during receiving their order. The worst condition that one could face is the exchange of the order or getting the wrong order. In this case, the company takes the required action and then tries to give the customer the correct order. The money of the wrong order is not returned, neither the product is taken back. The person responsible for the mistake is taken into charge and the proper action is taken against him or her.

Things you should know about Giordano

Following are the things that you should know about Giordano

  • Giordano is a pizza house, established in Chicago and it was founded in the year 1974. They are specialized in Chicago style pizza that is made by stuffing the pizza crust by various fillings.
  • It was founded by Efren Boglio and Joseph Boglio, two brothers who used to live in Italy.
  • If you are looking for a restaurant that serves best pizzas along with other food items also, then you can go with this brand without thinking twice. The reason behind this is that they have various other options along with the pizzas.
  • Along with the delivery, pick up and dine in facilities, they provide catering facilities too. So, one can contact them if they are throwing a party on any of their big occasions.

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