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Aurelio's Pizza

 Aurelio's Pizza is one of the most famous chains of pizza where you can enjoy some extremely delicious and traditional pizzas. This place was founded in the year 1959 in the suburbs of Chicago and now it has outlets in 40 different locations like Atlanta, Naples, Las Vegas, Indiana and many more. You will be looking into some vast sizes pizza here, which can reach up to 18 inches and it has humongous varieties of 30 different types of pizzas.

The toppings of the pizzas are jaw-dropping because they include Italian beef, Ortega peppers, hot giardiniera and many more. They are stuffing the pizzas with some extremely delicious ingredients and it has a very thick crust. You can definitely opt for the thin crust also. The main reason why a lot of customers are inclined towards this American chain is it uses the unique style of Chicago. It uses a lot of buttery, crusty, crispy, square pieces and a lot of cheese on everything that you will find here.

If you are health conscious then you can check out the menu section of this place from the online website and see the ingredients on all the foods that are served here.

  • Signature pizza is what this place is famous for. You can add it with some spinach, chicken, sausage, green peppers and many more. If you are into the stuffed pizza, then you will be delighted by looking into the crust and the stuffed ingredients that it has. If your stomach is looking for filling food, then you should have thick crust pizza, which is freshly made and you can definitely choose the toppings. There are different types of meats, veggies,and sausage which you can pick from to customise your pizza according to your taste preferences.
  • Pasta is also a major attraction of this place because the sauces which are used here are made in a very traditional way. So starting from spaghetti, beef ravioli to cheese ravioli you will be getting some really mouth-watering foods here. When you will be opting for chicken parmesan, then you will be getting some chicken breast, which will be baked with mozzarella cheese and the sauces which are used for marination will be served over the spaghetti or any other choice of pasta.
  • If you want something sweet then you can go for the deep dish cookie. This cookie is loaded with a lot of chocolate chips and they are served along with some vanilla or other ice creams. It will be completed with some whipped cream as toppings and some more chocolates.
  • For some stomach warm up you can have those appetizers like hot wings, boneless wings, cheese sticks, poppers, chicken tenders, onion rings, mushrooms, garlic bread, combo platter, pizza bread and many more. If you are on dieting, then you can directly go to the salad section to have something healthy and nutritious.

The flexibility of choosing between the different sizes of food serving is one of the major attraction of Aurelio's Pizza. In this way, your food won't be wasted and you will be saving a lot of money.

 Aurelio's Pizza  Student Discount

Whenever some students are visiting any restaurants there are chances that they are having some low budget. A student gets some really strict pocket money for the expenses and it is becoming quite hard for them to avail some delicious and expensive dishes.

This is the reason why most of the companies are providing special discounts specifically to the student. No discounts have been mentioned on the official website, but you can check it out by visiting the outlet. Moreover, you will be getting some really exciting deals and discounts on every day basis as these places is very popular. Whenever you are visiting this place with a lot of people then you might be getting some really interesting discounts on bulk orders.

You can purchase some gift cards from the official website because gift cards are very effective for reducing the cost. The use of promo codes is also effective because they will provide you with a minimum of 5% discount every time you use it. If you are a student then you should definitely visit this place on several events or occasion that are related to students like children's Day or any other special days. The best part of this restaurant is everything here is completely affordable, which is why most of the students prefer to eat from this place.

Aurelio's Pizza First Order Discounts

Aurelio's Pizza has 40 different types of the outlet and that is why the discount from one place to another will definitely vary. So if it is your first order then you can definitely check out the official website to look for the discounts and deals. You can also search online for some promo codes that are equally helpful. No discounts related information related to the first purchase has been specifically mentioned in the official website. You can definitely contact them or check their official website to know about it. It also has a mobile application so you will also have the chance of winning discounts for purchasing from the app.

In most of the shops or restaurant, we can see that they treat their first customer very specially. Since all the customers are highly impressed by Aurelio's Pizza, so you can definitely check if you can avail some discounts on the first order. If you want to keep on getting some more benefits from this place then you should definitely become their regular customer. You can also order it online and there are high chances that you will be getting some discount. Even if you are not getting some discounts you can get some complimentary dishes.

Aurelio's Pizza military Discount 

Aurelio's Pizza is popular among several pizza lovers because it provides mouth-watering pizzas with several other dishes and it has some eye-catching discounts which help people to avail the tasty food at a very reasonable price. So this place also offers discounts on several occasions and to people, especially if you have some gift cards. There are several outlets of Aurelio's Pizza, so they will be offering different discounts at different places.

If you want to avail the military discount then you can visit the official website and check the discounts there. Moreover, during important events and days, you can get better deals and discounts.

Aurelio's Pizza Special Discounts

Whenever we are opting for some great pizza, the price is something that we are all concerned about apart from the calories. If you don't want to drain a huge amount of money, then you should definitely avail the special discounts that the outlets of Aurelio's Pizza provide.

Several reward clubs are also there. Whether you are purchasing the Italian pizza or any other desert, you can easily check for the convenient location and see what the special discounts they provide on a particular day. Discounts and deals keep on changing so you can visit the official website to know about the latest deals.

How to use Aurelio's Pizza Coupon code?

The coupon code is one of the most essential things if you are a foodie and you will love eating in famous outlets. Aurelio's Pizza is offering gift cards to all the people who are making a purchase from here and when you will be using the gift card you can see a significant drop in your food bill. You can also use the coupon codes which are equally efficient. All you need to do is search for the coupon codes online for the outlet that is nearby to your location and use it whenever you are making the order. You can check out the official website to look into the current deals and discounts.

Most of the food which is offered here are very affordable and pizzas come in various sizes that can satisfy the pizza cravings of many people and at the same time, it won't be hard on your pocket.

How Aurelio's Pizza is unique?

Aurelio's Pizza is widely popular because of the 18 inches largest pizza that is served here. It provides 30 different types of pizzas, which is quite unique. As it is popular for amazing pizzas so it will provide you with a lot of toppings and other ingredients that will help you to customize your own food according to your preference.

It has different types of serving sizes which makes it convenient for a different type of customers. All the food will be accompanied by some discounts and gift cards which will help you to taste them without spending a lot of money.

Why you should choose Aurelio's Pizza?

Aurelio's Pizza serves amazing food and this is one of the major reasons why you should be opting for this American pizza chain. Apart from this, here you are getting the convenience of opting for different types of pizzas of different sizes.

If you want to have it in your house, then you can also order them online and it will be shipped to your house in 72 hours. Several discounts and deals on special days and events are also there. You can visit their official website to check the gift cards that are sold here as they will help you to minimize the billing to a considerable amount. If you love to taste pizza with Chicago style, then you should definitely consider this place.

Aurelio's Pizza Shopping Tips

Aurelio's Pizza is a very famous pizza chain of America and it has been popular for several years now. It makes pizzas in a very traditional way by utilizing the Chicago style. When you will look in the menu section of this place, then you might get yourself confused because it offers different types of pizzas and pasta and many other items. So here are some shopping tips.

  • Aurelio's Pizza provides 30 different types of pizzas having the largest size of 18 inches which is quite unique. You are getting the liberty of choosing different types of toppings and other ingredients. There will be different types of servings to match up to the food preferences of different types of customers.
  • If you want to avail some good deals and discounts then you should continuously check the official website as they will be declaring everything there on the news section. You can also call them or you can reach the outlet to check the latest deals. You can also avail the gift cards that are sold on the official website that will help you to reduce the cost to a good amount.
  •  If you want the delicious pizzas at your home, then you will have to place an order and within 72 hours it will be at your doorstep completely fresh.

So keep these shopping tips in your mind when you are visiting any outlet of Aurelio's Pizza.

Aurelio's Pizza Shipping Policy

If you want to taste the delicious pizzas of Aurelio's Pizza then you will have to order it from the official website or you can use their mobile app. After you make the order you will have to wait for 72 hours. Within this 72 hour, the pizzas will be freshly made and to keep it cool some dry ice will be packed with the pizza.

The pizza box has been designed specifically for insulation so that the pizza is staying fresh and cold. So you will be receiving the pizza at your doorsteps. All you need to do after you receive the order is bake it.

 Aurelio's Pizza return Policy

When you are purchasing something like food, then there any chances that the return policy will be very strict. While placing the order to ensure that you are clicking on the right product because if you order something wrong, then the company won't be taking it back after you open the delivered food.

If you are receiving the item which you have not ordered and it has been replaced with someone else's order, then only you can avail the return policy. Here the company will be taking necessary actions for the inconvenience that has been caused by them. You can download the app to make the entire process of ordering feasible.

Things you should know about Aurelio's Pizza

  • Aurelio's Pizza started its journey in the year 1959 and it provides pizzas in Chicago style. It is one of the most famous chains of America that deals with pizzas and it has now spread across 40 different locations and it has different outlets there.
  • Here you will be getting the opportunity of tasting the largest pizza of 18 inches. Apart from this, you will be able to taste 30 different types of pizzas with different varieties of toppings.
  • The official website also sells gift cards which you can purchase and use it for reducing the order amount whenever you are placing the order. The foods which are served here are extremely affordable and at the same time, it will offer deals and discounts on special occasions.
  • If you want to taste some delicious pizzas at home, then you will have to order it online and it will be delivered to your house in 72 hours. It will be made fresh and packed with dry ice is to keep the entire thing fresh and healthy to eat.
  • You can use the mobile application of this place as it will make the entire process of ordering and checking the menus more feasible for you.